We love 'The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place!'

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We love 'The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place!'


incorrigibleHave you ever heard the expression, "Those children must have been raised by wolves!" to refer to children that are exceptionally naughty?

Well, Alexander, Beowulf and Cassiopeia Incorrigible were!

Their young nanny, Miss Penelope Lumley, had taught them the Greek classics, stopped them from chasing squirrels and given them lots of love and affection. Now they only howl at the full moon, and chase chickens once in a while. 

We first met the Incorrigibles in The Mysterious Howling, when they were discovered by Lord Fredrick Ashton, who was hunting on the grounds of his manor, Ashton Place. The children had been living in a cave and had indeed been raised by wolves. Lord Fredrick hires Penelope Lumley, a recent graduate of the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females, to be their nanny and give them a proper British education. 

When we meet up with Penelope and the Incorrigibles in the second book, The Hidden Gallery, they are on an adventure in London, and Penelope learns that the children may be under a curse, which may explain the reason why the children were raised by wolves and why they love to howl at the full moon.

In The Unseen Guest Penelope, Alexander, Beowulf and Cassiopeia have returned to Ashton Place, and have found out more about the curse. There is also the mysterious appearance of someone that could be Lord Ashton's long-lost father!

The fourth book, The Interrupted Tale, brings us back to Penelope's beloved school, which has been taken over by a strict school board that wants to do away with the fine Swanburne education that Penelope knows and loves. In the clutches of the chair of the board is a book that may very well reveal the cure to the curse! Will Penelope and the children get the book in time? Will Penelope save her dear school? Will the children be cured of their lupine ways once and for all?

Get a copy of the book today and find out! Ahwooooo!