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Check It or Leave It?

Episode 2: 'Star Griffin'

In this episode Peter and TaChalla delve into the world of science fiction with Star Griffin, a sci-fi novel by Michael Kurland.
Star Griffin BookWhen Peter Lyon is sent to retrieve a package for his employer, he is greeted with two dead bodies. Now he is on a mission to find out what happened. What started off as just a regular day has now become a mission filled with conspiracies, cult weddings, fail experiments, and drones. 

Publisher's Weekly has described Star Griffin as " amusing but random spoof of contemporary extremes gradually develops into a light, engaging story that draws together its many elements in a series of clever, pleasing surprises."

Michael Kurland has won two Edgars (the Edgar Allen Poe Awards) for his mystery novels. In addition to writing in the mystery and science fiction genre, Kurland has also published nonfiction books, which are available at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

Check out Michael Kurland's Bibliography for his complete works.