Where to Start? How to Take Control of Your Finances

Northeast Library

Where to Start? How to Take Control of Your Finances

Saturday, April 19, 2014, 3 p.m.

Financial Piggy Bank

Managing one's expenses and income can seem overwhelming.

But, if you know where to start -- what small steps you can take now that lead towards long term financial stability -- that makes all the difference. In this talk, you'll learn how to set targeted, realistic financial goals, and get concrete advice on how to work towards those goals.

Stephen Wendel from HelloWallet will provide some of the core lessons he's learned about how you can take control of your finances. In addition to the talk itself, each participant will be provided with free access to HelloWallet's financial guidance software.

Stephen Wendell

Stephen is the Principal Scientist at HelloWallet, where he's worked for five years to develop applications that help users take control of their finances. He is a behavioral social scientist by training, and studies how technology can drive beneficial behavior change. Stephen is the co-founder of Action Design DC, an event series with over 1000 practitioners and researchers building products to help users take action via behavioral economic techniques. His recent book, Designing for Behavior Change, gives a step-by-step approach to applying behavioral economics to product development.