Gerbil Diaries

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Gerbil Diaries

Spring Edition

Pepa with paper flowerDay 1: Ah spring! In like a lion, out like a gerbil! Fresh grass, cherry blossoms, and magnolias to sniff. It's really a gerbil's paradise. 

Day 2: Tried to help the teens make rubber band bracelets. They told us chewing the bands isn't exactly helping. We parted due to artistic differences. Maybe making flower pens is where Salt and I can really make our artistic mark. 

Day 3: April fooled the librarians by pretending to be mice. Impressed the kids with some stand up. Shhh...don't tell, but I actually stole the jokes from Animal Antics

Day 4: Salt and I decided we're going to serenade the library staff for National Library Week. What do you think we should sing?

Day 5: Helped the librarians brush up on their French, Spanish, Chinese, ASL, and gerbil squeaks so they can get ready for multicultural and multilingual Dia events.  

Day 6: Ms. Theresa read us You Are a Lion and helped us with our downward dog and tree poses to prepare for our next yoga class. 

Day 7: Put paws to paper for some poetry writing since April's National Poetry Month. It's pretty easy for an accomplished songwriter and wordsmith like myself. I'm getting a lot of inspiration from Animal PoetryWrite what you know, right? I came up with a haiku I'm going to read at the Shaw Library Poetry Reading:

The Good Gerbil Life by Pepa

Brothers S and P
Gentlegerbils who love to
read, eat, chew, and sleep

-- From the Paws of Pepa
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