Takoma Park Cyclists

Takoma Park Library

Takoma Park Cyclists

Happy Bike Month! Some Takoma Park Library staff commute to work by bike. Enjoy a fun Q&A with some of the staff who pedal!

BikeJanelle Ortiz, Library Associate

What type of bike do 
you have?

My bike is a Raleigh. It is from the 70s, but is in good condition thanks to the previous owner.

What is your usual bike route to the library?
I ride my bike to work 2-4 times per week (weather permitting). It takes me about seven minutes to bike from my house, and the route is basically just straight down one street. I love being able to get home fast without having to wait for the bus.

Where do you like to ride for fun?
My favorite place to bike in DC is on the Rock Creek trail. I usually catch it off of Connecticut Ave, where Open City Diner is, and take it to Georgetown - I love going to Dean and Deluca for a coffee.

What's something people need to know about cyclists in the city?
Imagine being on your bike with cars zooming past - we are very vulnerable! I don't think drivers consider this, they are just annoyed that we are "in their way." Pedestrians need to think about how it is to be a cyclist, too. Sometimes the road is too busy, so I jump on the sidewalk and pedestrians get so mad! It can be kind of awkward to navigate. Most importantly, please look in your sideview mirrors before opening your car door into the street! So many bikers get "door-ed." Please be mindful and save your car door - and a biker.


Megan Janicki, Library Associate

What type of bike do you have? 
I have a Giant Via. It's a good city bike, for commuting or going to the grocery store or whatever, because I can carry a bunch of stuff on the back. 

What is your usual bike route to the library?
The trip from my house to the library is about five miles each way. I ride around the McMillan Reservoir and up the bike lane on 7th St. NW all the way to Takoma. I especially love biking to work on the weekends when the city is peaceful. 

Where do you like to ride for fun?
I love riding my bike at Hains Point, especially in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in season. Another great place to ride is the National Arboretum - it is beautiful there in every season. 

Why did you start biking? 
I never really biked before I moved to DC a few years ago. I started biking when I realized it was the fastest and most convenient way to get around! It saves me money, and it's fun, too. I started commuting to work by bike, in addition to running errands and going out with friends. It's a great way to get outside, too!