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Trashy Book Club

You there! I see you! Step out of the shadows!
Gone are the days where we have to hang our heads in shame. No longer should you hide that book cover on the metro, or use your guilty pleasure as a sole excuse to buy a Kindle. I put this call out to my brothers and sisters! It’s time to start a revolution! It’s time to claim our place! It’s the age… of the romance novel!
The romance novel genre has evolved a great deal since the days of granny’s Harlequins. Now, there are so many variations of the hot and steamy literary hook-up, I wouldn’t be able to list them all in this blog. Romance is not just for the large-print crowd, either. There are historical romances, sci-fi, horror, urban fiction, the wide-world of LGBTQ romance…heck, there’s even Christmas-themed romance. I guess the point I’m getting at is this: There is literally no excuse for anyone reading this to not be a romance addict. I’m especially looking at you, Metro-shamers.
Romance StacksCase in point: I LOVE warriors. We’re talking long haired, sword swinging, skull crushing warriors. Me-ow. A man in a kilt... oh my! I’m as guilty as the next girl of praying for a stout gust of wind at a Highland game or two in my time. This means I usually grab books of the “Scottish Warrior” theme.  So, naturally, I was thrilled when Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series gained a lot of popularity. A TV show is even in the works! 

Let’s hear from some other DC Public Library employees about their picks!

Kandace with Something Like LoveKandace:
Something Like Love
by Beverly Jenkins
Warning: Do Not Read if you are not interested in steamy kisses, bounty hunters, outlaws and a kick-butt heroine.

“He was a wanted man. But no one wanted him more than she did,” is the tag line for this intriguing novel about an outlaw in too deep with the law. Experience Olivia and Neil’s torrid, forbidden love affair unfold all the while bounty hunters are hot on Neil’s trail. It’ll have your mama clutching her pearls.

Touched by an AlienFaith:
Touched By An Alien
by Gini Koch
Our heroine Kat falls in to the hidden world of model-level hunky aliens bent on saving the Earth from parasitic monsters. Lots of transporters, monsters, aliens, guns and general sci-fi butt-kicking with just enough sexy thrown in the middle.

by Nina Malkin

Candice is forced out of her New York City home life to Swoon, Conn., where the people are stuck up and your cousin gets possessed by an 18th century dead guy.

So sit back relax and be enraptured by this dark romance, where falling into Sin or saving a town filled with family and neighbors you can barely stand is the hardest the decision you will have to make.

Oh-So-Sensible Secretary
by Jessica Hart
Saucy and salacious, this coffee break page-burner will have you running to the water cooler for relief from the heat.

Summer, the office systems specialist, has taken a new job with Gibson & Grieve.  She's highly organized and has the perfect French manicure, but soon finds herself falling into an astonished abandon with her new boss, the jumbled and unsystematic Phin Gibson. 

Don't read it aloud in your cubicle, as this one is NSFW.

The Bride Wore Pearls CoverLeslie:
The Bride Wore Pearls
by Liz Carlyle
I glance about as I extract my guilty pleasure from my reticule, but no one seems to notice as I hastily finish reading The Bride Wore Pearls. Who would believe a blue-stocking like me would prove to have an enthusiasm for a Liz Carlyle Regency romance that is so full of thrills, intrigue, and, well, romance?

It’s worth the risk to follow as Lady Anisha Stafford and Lord Rance Welham find themselves enmeshed in a treacherous game with the enemies of the St. James Society. Especially as their attraction for each other steadily grows as they discover who is directing the deadly game against them.

Oh la, I’ve been so absorbed in reading that I’ve quite forgotten to eat my lunch!

The Man In 3B coverTowanda:
The Man in 3B
by Carl Weber
“Meet Darryl Graham, or as his neighbors call him… The Man in 3B.”

Darryl has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female, can't stop talking about him.

Another jaw-dropping tale of emotion-filled drama.

Please join us at Watha T. Daniel/Shaw library on the first Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. for the Trashy Book Club. Our picks for this month (to be discussed at our May meeting) are: