Finding the Visible in the Invisible

Northwest One Library

Finding the Visible in the Invisible

In collaboration with the DC Poetry Project

American Poetry Book CoverFinding the Visible in the Invisible is a poetry workshop for homeless men. The program is designed to assist individuals in rediscovering creativity and self expression through five senses poetry.

We're extremely excited about this program at Northwest One because it is for a part of our community that is typically overlooked and under served. We are hoping this program will provide a creative outlet for people who might not often get to express themselves in a forum where someone will listen.
The program is made possible through a collaboration with the DC  Poetry Project, Inc. The mission of the DCPP is to give back to the community through spoken word related activities, volunteerism and building community partnership.

Call (202) 939-5946 or visit Northwest One to register, as space is limited.