Preserving Family Treasures

Mt. Pleasant Library

Preserving Family Treasures

Thursday, May 1, 2014, 7 p.m.

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Ever wonder how to store old baseball cards? How to carefully handle that photo of great uncle Vic or cousin Kaya?  Or how to preserve your digital diary or your quilt collection? Everyone who saves things -- from family mementos to world-class collections -- has similar questions.  Preservation Week aims to connect collectors with preservation resources through their local libraries. Libraries care for their vast and varied collections every day, so they are perfect places for learning about preservation!

Jeanne Drewes
from the Library of Congress and Michele Casto from the Washingtoniana Special Collection at MLK Jr. Memorial Library will be on hand to share expertise. 
The American Library Association has a great website with fun and helpful tips for individuals hoping to learn how to start their only family archive, big or small. 

All Ages