H&B Book Club

Lawrence in Arabia CoverAre you fascinated by history?
Are you intrigued by the lives of other people?
Want to spend some time reading entertaining books and talking to like-minded individuals?

If so, join us for the H&B (history and biography) book club, where we will be reading some of the more popular titles that deal with the world’s stimulating past events and people. 
This month we will be discussing Scott Anderson's book: Lawrence in Arabia.  Fans of the Epic Peter O'Toole film will recognize many of the intriguing characters of 1962 epic.  Anderson's book covers the real lives and adventures of the men who shaped not only the outcome of World War I, but the Middle East of today.  Take the time to read about T. E. Lawrence, Curt Prufer, William Yale and Aaron Aaronsohn and see how their personalities and actions resulted in the world we live in today. 
We hope you will join us on the second floor in room 221 for an entertaining and enlightening discussion on this and other interesting works.