'The Knife of Never Letting Go'

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'The Knife of Never Letting Go'

Book One in the "Walking Chaos" Trilogy

Imagine the horror of every innermost thought being heard by everyone around you. For Todd, it's the only way of life he's ever known. He hears the constant noise of the other men in Prentisstown, horrible angry Noise, 

The Knife of Never Letting Go book coverfull of violence and fear. He even hears the Noise of this faithful dog, Manchee. All of them counting down the days till Todd, the last boy in town, has his next birthday and becomes a man. What do the women in the town think? Well, there aren't any women, the last of them died around the time Todd was born. Todd's day-to-day life is changed when he stumbles upon a place of complete silence in the swamp. What could cause this type of silence? And how can he keep it a secret when everything he thinks can be heard by everyone?

This book is a really remarkable story about the struggle to accept a new reality. It reads as a dystopian novel about a society gone wrong, but it feels more like a coming of age story. There is profound loss throughout the narrative, but the characters' inner dialog moves you quickly through the story, without much time to grieve.

This is a must-read for anyone wondering what to read after The Hunger Games, and Divergent trilogies. 

The author, Patrick Ness, was born in Alexandria, VA, and currently resides in London. This title was received numerous awards including the Booktrust Teenage Prize, the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, and the 2008 Tiptree Award. It was also included on the shortlist for the Carnegie Medal. All three titles of the Chaos Walking trilogy are available at the library.