Poetry Month

Chevy Chase Library

Poetry Month

Or, "Creativity is Subtraction and Addition"

collaged poem
April is Poetry Month at the Library -- and in the Teen Space, we're making poetry collages and "black-out" poetry to celebrate a month-long love affair with the written word. Teens can choose one of our poetry crafts, or write their own from scratch.

Black-Out Poetry consists of subtracting all but the poet's chosen words from a page of fiction. Be your own censor, and be creative! The most banal line of dialogue can yield some pithy poems. Mark out lines or doodle all over the page to create an artsy frame for your chosen words.

Alternately, teens can challenge themselves to craft a poem by choosing at random from our word jar. Pick a few or grab a bunch and see what you can put together! Use our cut-out words alone or add them to your own written lines, it's up to you.