Shelter Puppy Tales

West End Library

Shelter Puppy Tales

Shelter Puppy Tales will take place on Tuesday, May 6 at 7 p.m.
I adopted my dog, Yoda, from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue almost a year ago.Picture of Yoda I saw this picture of him online (left) and was immediately taken in by his big warm brown eyes and goofy looking ears. I was a bit nervous about adopting a shelter dog; you can never truly know what a dog has been through before you adopt him. Yoda was three years old and had already been through two owners, the latter of which had underfed him so much he had lost 33% of his body weight and was sued for animal neglect. However, on the car ride home, Yoda happily snuggled on my lap and looked up at me with those aforementioned adorable eyes, and I knew that I would never want to give him up. He is a great dog.

About a month ago, Lucky Dog forwarded me this e-mail from the shelter Yoda was housed at before we adopted him:

"Every year we do a story on an abused/neglected pet to help raise funds to pay for medical care.  Because Yoda's court case was so recent and was settled right before trial (we were all in courtroom when they reached an agreement), they wanted to highlight his story - especially since the defendants were only given a $25 fine and suspended sentence without the Commonwealth ever seeing any photographs of his emaciation.  I know this may result in no response, but is there any way you could just email his adopters and ask them to send a current photograph to me?  We would really appreciate it and it would complete his happy ending."

I, of course, sent the shelter many pictures of my now happy-go-lucky, carefree dog. The e-mail exchanged got me thinking, however. What if I could do an event at West End to tell people about Yoda's story and invite Lucky Dog Animal Rescue to tell other dogs' stories as well? Better yet, what if the event allowed people to meet Yoda and other shelter dogs in person, so they could see how great they are?

And that is how Shelter Puppy Tales came to be. Hope to see you there!