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Get To Know West End Library Staff!

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bill Employee Name:  Bill Turner
Employee Title: Adult Librarian
Book Name:  Cold Mountain
Author:  Charles Frazier
Year Published:  1997
Age group reading:  adult
1)      When did you first read this book?  Around 2000, after hearing about it and seeing how many others were reading it
2)      About how many times have you read it?  Twice
3)      What did you like best about the book?  
What I like best is the engaging and compelling writing style, plus the resourcefulness of the hero, Inman, a wounded deserter from the Confederate Army near the end of the Civil War who walks for months through the rural South on a long journey home, kind of like Ulysses  in the Odyssey.
4)       What did you think was unique about it? The setting in the South near the end of the Civil War is unique and so is the story of the Confederate Home Guard who hunt down military deserters from the Confederacy. 
5)      Favorite character, and why? Could you relate with him/her or did you just think the character was downright awesome?   My favorite character is Inman who I could relate to as a kind of “everyman” who is just trying to survive and make his way home.  He’s a sympathetic/solitary/stoical character living off the land and what happens to him in the end is tragic and heartbreaking.
6)      How do you think the plot was? Simple but well-executed, complex with many twists and turns, or something else?  The plot is well executed and complex as it moves forward and yet tells the history of Inman and his sweetheart  Ada  through a series of flashbacks.  The plot includes numerous colorful characters and often dangerous ones who help build suspense and add to the richness of the novel.
7)      If it's set in an alternate world, did you think the author did a good job world building? The author does an excellent job of recreating the South near the end of the Civil War.  The landscape is rough, the people are poor, life is hard and it’s a struggle to survive amid Federal raiders and the Home Guard as they are all so brutal.