Who Runs the World? Beyoncé's Feminist Theory

West End Library

Who Runs the World? Beyoncé's Feminist Theory

Monday, May 19, 2014, 6:30 p.m.

KCDC LogoDespite Queen Bey’s endless proclamations to remain Jay’s “ride or die” chick, many of her self-penned hits have extreme feminist undertones.

We’ll explore feminism in her lyrics (read: watch YouTube videos), beginning with her days in Destiny’s Child, right up to her latest release, Beyonce. We’ll also survey the ways in which her expressions of empowerment and independence have changed as she became a superstar, mother, and wife; and compare her particular brand of feminism to ideals espoused by Sheryl Sandberg, Fox News, and others.

Depending on students’ levels of Beyonce fandom, booty shaking may occur.

Instructor Erica Zimmerman is a statistician by day, and a hobbyist always. In her other free time, she loves yoga, concerts, and finding the best tacos in D.C. Her goal is to always be the most interesting guest at a dinner party.

This class has limited attendance, so please pre-register with Knowledge Commons DC.

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