Corporate Social Responsibility: Fact or Fiction?

Cleveland Park Library

Corporate Social Responsibility: Fact or Fiction?

Monday, May 5, 2014, 7 p.m.

KCDC logoThis course will explore the meaning (if any) of corporate social responsibility (CSR), a buzzword that’s cropped up all over the business world. Can corporations be socially responsible? Why would they want to be? Is this just another means of covert advertising?

The class will cover CSR from two different angles: the viewpoint of the company and that of the public. We’ll start out with the history of CSR, its evolving definition, and its current controversies, then examine the private sector’s view of CSR (what it means at the employee, manager, and organizational levels) and policy-oriented recommendations on how to streamline and improve different CSR programs. The final portion of the class will be a CSR challenge among students.

Instructor Halley Aelion is public policy Ph.D., political consultant, and devoted KCDC volunteer. She won an award for her master’s thesis on corporate social responsibility in 2010 and has continued to research the topic from various angles for the past three years.

This class has limited seating.  Please pre-register with Knowledge Commons DC.

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