The Salem Witch Trials: Witchcraft in Massachusetts

West End Library

The Salem Witch Trials: Witchcraft in Massachusetts

Saturday, May 10, 2014, 2 p.m.

KCDC logoIn 1692, witchcraft accusations sent hysteria through the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Nineteen people were executed based on the word of young girls.

How did this happen? Join Dan Howlett, an avid scholar of the Salem Witch Trials, to find out. With an emphasis on primary sources, he’ll lay out the events leading up to this atrocity, beginning with the Puritan influences on the colony and the development of the Salem community—which was ripe for a spark that would send decade-long feuds spiraling into accusations. Finally, he’ll cover the changes in thinking that led to the end of the trials.

Instructor Dan Howlett is a student at George Washington University. He began studying the Salem Witch Trials for a high-school project. Every day, he posts a fact about the trials at

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