Selling Takoma Park

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Selling Takoma Park

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Houses of Takoma Park

(Image courtesy of the Historic Takoma, Inc. Archives.)

In an effort to sell real estate in Takoma Park, the town’s founder, B.F. Gilbert, put out a series of promotional pamphlets in the late 19th century.  The language Gilbert employs in these pamphlets is a mixture of transcendentalist nature admirer and snake oil salesman.  Gilbert touts Takoma Park as a pure, sylvan paradise and harps on the town’s miraculously palliative springs:

“A medical writer says on this point ‘Chronic malarial troubles are wonderfully relieved in many cases by springs whose mineral constituents thoroughly evade discovery, and certain intractable dyspeptic disorders are cured by them in a manner which I am unable to explain.’”

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