Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover

Earn a badge: Just read!

Earn prizes and have fun this summer with Teen Summer Reading's Cover to Cover challenges!

By completing simple tasks, you can earn one or all of these badges:
Graphic Guardians badge

Graphic Guardians

Heroic Humans badge

Heroic Humans

Reading Rebel badge

Reading Rebel

Trilogy Titan badge

Trilogy Titan

Read at least two graphic novels and tell us about them on your Summer Reading profile
Read at least one biography and tell us about the real heroes on your Summer Reading profile
Read a book with a rebellious character. 
On your Summer Reading profile, explain if you agree with the character’s rebellious actions. 
Read an entire trilogy or three or more books in a longer series and tell us about it on your Summer Reading profile.
Combine Cover to Cover badges with those in Artistic EndeavorsCommunity Crusader and Tech Mastery to get
  • a fancy water bottle
  • a free Chipotle meal
  • Nationals tickets
  • a chance to win Beats by Dre headphones
  • a chance to win Beats Pill speakers
Find out more on the Teen Summer Reading page.