Celebramos el Día de los Niños/el Dίa de los Libros

Petworth Library

Celebramos el Día de los Niños/el Dίa de los Libros

We celebrated Children's Day/Book Day

El Día de los Niños/Día de los Libros (Children's Day/Book Day) is a celebration of cultural diversity and literacy, and is nationally recognized by the American Library Association.
Día week is celebrated from April 28 to May 5.

At the Petworth Library we celebrated with bilingual and multicultural stories, songs and rhymes, and made Mexican tissue paper flowers.
We read Book Fiesta!  by Pat Mora, who initiated Children's Day/Book Day. Ms. Mora wrote a special message inside the book: "To Petworth Library readers, enjoy many books and celebrate Book Joy!"

We enjoyed the bilingual flannel board story of The Bossy Gallito. Rooster is handsome and vain, and on the way to his Tío Perico's wedding, he dirties his beak when he stops for a snack. Oh no! He can't go to his uncle's wedding with a dirty beak! Rooster asks everyone to help him, but they all say "¡No, no quiero!", so he becomes very angry. When the flowers refuse to clean his beak, he asks the sheep to eat them. When the sheep refuse to eat the flowers, he asks the stick to poke the sheep. He asks the fire to burn the stick, he asks the puddle to put out the fire, he asks the sun to dry up the puddle. Now, the sun and the rooster were good friends, because the rooster woke the sun every morning. So when the sun agreed to help the rooster, everyone else did, too. The flowers cleaned Rooster's beak and he arrived just in time for his uncle's wedding, looking very handsome, indeed.

We sang "Los Pollitos," "La Granja" and "Los Elefantes," some fun children's songs in Spanish. These are available on the cd José-Luis Orozco canta De Colores by the beloved children's singer and educator José-Luis Orozco. In 2011, we were lucky to have Mr. Orozco perform at the Petworth Library for our Día celebration!

Tikki Tikki Tembo is a story that takes place in China. When Tikki-tikki-tembo-no-sa-rembo-chari-bari-ruchi-pip-peri-pembo falls in the well, his brother Chang runs to tell their mother. Tikki Tikki Tembo's name is so long and Chang is so out of breath that by the time he explains what has happened, Tikki Tikki Tembo has been under the water for a long time! He has to rest for a long time, and Mama and Chang start using the shorter version of his name in case he ever falls in the well again.

In Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile, a story from Liberia, clever Mrs. Chicken convinces Crocodile that they are sisters, so that Crocodile won't eat her. The children loved hearing about how Mrs. Chicken switches her eggs with Mrs. Crocodile's eggs, and that she will take care of Crocodile's "chicks" and let Crocodile take care of her little green babies.
If you'd like to come find these multicultural tales, or other stories about children around the world, we have many more at the Petworth Library!