Healthy Living Workshop

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Healthy Living Workshop

Women's Health and Diabetes

Diabetes blue circle
The blue circle is the universal symbol for diabetes.

The month of May is Women's Health month. Many women are familiar with with the health risks associated with high blood pressure or cancer but what about diabetes? According to the American Diabetes Association “12. 6 million women are currently affected by diabetes” (American Diabetes Association) - that could be your mother, grandmother, sister, child, friend or co-worker. In order to combat a disease like diabetes, one must be informed and proactive about their health.

Join us on May 19 for an informative healthy living workshop. A representative from will be hand on to present information and answer questions. We’ll discuss diabetes prevention tips as well as lifestyles changes and more. Your never too late to create a healthier you!
Looking for information on diabetes - try these books:
American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes : the ultimate home diabetes reference by the American Diabetes Association
Reflections on Diabetes by The American Diabetes Association
What to Expect When You Have Diabetes: 170 tips for living well with diabetes by The American Diabetes Association