The King Of Pop " Xscape"

Takoma Park Library

The King Of Pop " Xscape"

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   album coverHave you ever heard of Michael Jackson? He was only the biggest pop star known to man! "The King of Pop" to be exact. His soulful, humanitarian, vibrant albums spanned from the 1960s all the way into the new millennium.

   Unfortunately, The King of Pop passed away in August of 2009, and his loss was felt around the world. Michael Jackson's last world tour was scheduled to have started the year of his death, and millions of fans were disappointed at the loss of an opportunity to be in the presence of the king. Fortunately for them and every Michael Jackson fan everywhere, he lives on through his music.

   Even more fortunately for fans,  Michael Jackson's new album Xscape is set to be launched this May 2014. The album is a compilation of songs from prior albums that the King of Pop couldn't find space for. "Love Never Felt So Good" is one of 14 tracks that were hand selected by Epic Records' CEO Antonio Reid in preparation for the album. This song can be downloaded for free with Freegal. So while you await the full album, take a listen. Use your library card to download or stream from the Freegal application and let your neighborhood library know how you liked it. Happy Listening!