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Author Talk with Glenn Williamson

Inside Out: Building a Glass House in Russia

Inside Out

Join Glenn Williamson for his author talk on Inside Out: Building a Glass House in Russia on Thursday, June 5 at 7:00 pm.

In Russia, it is said, “Nothing and everything is possible.” In Inside Out, author Glenn Williamson explains the award-winning development of St. Petersburg’s first modern Class A office/retail center by a multinational team of Americans, Russians, Brits, Turks, and Finns.
Inside Out provides a fascinating memoir of his experiences working as a developer in Russia in the 1990s while balancing a home life with a new baby son. With unique and astute anecdotes, it offers insights into Russia, its people, and its culture.

Inside Out, funny and serious, sincere and sarcastic, narrates the anatomy of a real estate deal. Now, at a time when America and Russia consider ways to reset their relations, Williamson’s story shows how actual players on all sides of a complex business and personal adventure looked for, and ultimately found, a common language.

Article about Glenn Williamson in Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russian-American Development, from the 'Inside Out' 
Glenn Williamson learned Russian at Exeter, Georgetown, and Leningrad before earning a Chicago MBA. After the Berlin Wall and Chicago office markets both fell, he took on new developments in Eastern Europe. Williamson lives in Washington, DC, with his two sons and teaches real estate at Georgetown University.