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Get To Know West End Library Staff!

What Is Your Favorite Book?

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Employee Name: Leah Allen
Employee Title: Superstar Library Technician
Book Title: Eating Chinese Food Naked
Author: Mei Ng
Year Published: 1998
Age group reading: Adult Fiction

When did you first read this book? March 2014
About how many times have you read it? Once
What did you like best about the book?  The main character, Ruby, lives in the same area of Queens, NY where I grew up and has almost identical reflections on living in an outer borough of New York City. Her feelings on family and her relationship with her mother also almost mirror my own. She is a very relatable character.
What did you think was unique about it? Hearing the experiences of a young millennial woman who happens to be Chinese American is unique. Stories from marginalized populations should be celebrated for their resistance against accepted notions of “typical American life.”
Favorite character, and why? Could you relate with him/her or did you just think the character was downright awesome?  My favorite character was the aforementioned Ruby. She cared extremely deeply for her mother and struggled between moving forward towards independence and staying home to support her.
How do you think the plot was? Simple but well-executed, complex with many twists and turns, or something else?  The plot was simple for me because I have lived through similar experiences. I loved the simplicity of the plot. It made for a very genuine read.