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Get To Know West End Library Staff!

What Is Your Favorite Book?

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Employee Name: Beminet Arega
Employee Title: Teen Intern
Book Name: Half Moon Investigations
Author: Eoin Colfer
Year Published: 2006
Age group reading: Young Adult

When did you first read this book? Last Year
About how many times have you read it? Once
What did you like best about the book? The action comedy and drama mix was very ingenious and captivating.
What did you think was unique about it? I like the fact that it teams up two unlikely characters against the most unlikely enemy. In this book, about a child private eye, a reforming bully is framed by a father who would send another kid to a hospital in order to get his child a 1st place ribbon in a talent competition while a cult of young feminists frame boys at their school to get them expelled because they believe in female supremacy. All in all, this is an amazingly captivating book.
Favorite character, and why? Could you relate with him/her or did you just think the character was downright awesome? Fletcher Moon is my favorite character because he is the main character and his prowess in his job is very rare in anybody, let alone a kid. His actions speak louder than his words and he is very active.
How do you think the plot was? Simple but well executed, complex with many twists and turns, or something else? It was complex and so twisted a pretzel would be jealous. But that is one of the reasons it is so great. Every minor and major climax in the novel is so unexpected it makes you think you are reading several outstanding books instead of one brain boggling one.
If it's set in an alternate world, did you think the author did a good job building an alternative world? It is actually set in the real world so there wasn’t much to build, but some circumstances in the book are out of this world.