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Your Friday Five

The Honest Parents edition

Kids have a way of bringing out the best and worst in their parents. One minute they are writhing around on the floor because they “don’t know how to stand up” and the next minute, they are climbing on your lap because they need a hug. Luckily, there are lots of writers who have managed to find the humor in the absurd, and have chronicled their journey as parents, often times online. Sometimes sweet, sometimes profane, these titles might help you get through those long weekends of sitting at home while your child sleeps in the other room. That, and a stiff drink.

Honest Toddler

The Honest Toddler

by Bunmi Laditan
Started as a blog from a toddler’s perspective, Laditan perfectly captures the feelings of a toddler. From the importance of holding on to your own toys, to tips for preventing Infant Sibling Disease, the Honest Toddler gives advice to help both parents and the toddlers that they love.

Moms who drink and SwearMoms who Drink and Swear by Nicole Knepper
Knepper is your foul-mouthed friend who somehow manages to keep her family intact. Based upon the blog of the same name.

Someone could get hurtSomeone Could Get Hurt 
by Drew Magary
Magary’s most recent title talks about his tales of parenthood, and his own personal growth. From playground accidents to drunk driving to the birth of his child with severe health issues, Magary view is both heart-wrenching and humorous.

Motherhood Comes NaturallyMotherhood Comes Naturally (and Other Vicious Lies)
by Jill Smokler.
Does motherhood come naturally? Smokler says no—pregnancy, birth and parenting are hard work. In a humorous way, Smokler works through 23 “lies” that parents are told. Readers of her blog, Confessions of a Scary Mommy, will definitely want to check this out. 

Go the f to sleepGo the F*ck to Sleep
by Adam Mansbach
Written in the style of a children’s picture book—but definitely not for children—Mansbach recreates excuses that a small child could possibly use to not go to sleep. The art work is just as funny as the text. A child-friendly version is available as Seriously, Just Go to Sleep.