Science Trivia and Movie Night

Petworth Library

Science Trivia and Movie Night

Show off your scientific knowledge!

Do you have a head for trivia? Do you have a head for science trivia? Our Trivia and Movie Night is the place to show off all your science knowledge. There will be all kinds of questions asked about the scientific world – from animals to planets to the human body. The questions will be of varying difficulty levels but rest assured, the more challenging ones will be multiple choice. You can compete individually or bring a friend (or the kids) to form a team but the one with the most knowledge will win a prize! 

If you need to brush up on science facts prior to trivia night, check out some of these books: 

Eyewitness Science imageEyewitness Science
Introducing the key aspects of science, this book covers all the crucial topics from atoms and evolution to explosive chemical reactions.

Sciencebook cover imageThe Sciencebook: Everything You Need to Know About the World and How it Works
This book covers centuries of scientific thought in one illustrated volume and covers topics as diverse that range from microscopic life to nuclear power.  

air and space trivia cover imageThe Smithsonian Book of Air & Space Trivia 
This book answers almost any kinds of questions you could have on air & space past and present, from who was the first human to dine in space to how long was the Wright Brothers first flight.  Also features many photographs of objects from the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  

After the trivia contest, there will be a showing of Pixar movie about a lonely robot stuck cleaning up on Earth after humans have left. See what happens when he follows a mysterious stranger robot into space. 

This program will take place right after the Reptiles Alive! program for children age 5-12, so come for the reptiles and stay for trivia and a movie.