Fizz, Boom, Read: The Egg Drop

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Fizz, Boom, Read: The Egg Drop

Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, balloons, tape, glue, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, yarn... Surely, you may be familiar with each of these things individually. Perhaps you've even used some of them to make your own beautiful artwork during I Made It Myself on Sundays or Crafternoons on Mondays. Consider this, though: how could you use these materials together to create a structure that would protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from various heights? That is exactly what we attempted to do in the Children's Room at Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library this past Wednesday.

Theresa Wang, Children's Librarian, holding a carton of eggs next to a selection of science-related books

Pictured: Theresa Wang, Children's Librarian

The Egg Drop is a science and engineering experiment that many schools, libraries, and museums do each year to encourage participants to think outside the box. We decided it was our turn to get in on the fun and try our hand at this challenging, classic contest. The library provided children with lots and lots of craft and recyclable materials to spark their creativity and imagination. Then, working alone or in teams, everyone got to work on designing and building their egg-holding devices. It was really interesting to see everyone's final creations, and we even had several people whose eggs survived the drop from all four heights! Congratulations and thank you to all of our participants -- you are true engineers-in-the-making!

The Egg Drop is just one example of the many hands-on Fizz, Boom, Read science activities that we'll be doing in the Children's Room through August 27 this summer. Join us on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00PM for some STEAM-themed (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Design, and Mathematics) fun! Recommended for ages 5+.

--Julie Burns