Broaching Tough Topics--Part 3

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Broaching Tough Topics--Part 3

August's Tough Topics are Global Poverty, Homelessness and Humanitarianism

PeaceJamTake 25 minutes to initiate, illustrate and inform your discussions using these books

All children deserve to be happy, healthy, safe and care-free as they live and learn!
However, as life would have it, issues and challenges inevitably come our way and despite our best protective efforts, children are not immune to experiencing them as well. Sometimes it may seem difficult to broach these subjects, but good fiction and non-fiction books, when read with your children periodically, can help you and your young child dialogue about difficult subjects in a positive, honest and realistic manner.  

I am proud to say that I share my August 19 birthday with "World Humanitarian Day," and August 25 - 31 is "Be Kind to Humankind Week"! Instead of laughing at, ignoring or scowling at people in dire need, young people can become selfless, compassionate, activists for others regardless of how much economic security and financial comfort their own families possess. 
Listed below are some works with their authors and suggested grade reading levels that can jump-start parents' teachings on empathy, generosity, humility and humanitarianism. You are welcome to select the title links of your choice in order to place the books on hold at your closest neighborhood library branch.  --Tammeric Itson-Scurry

We Are Kind,(grades K-2) by Sharon Gordon
Little Match Girl, (grades 2 -5) adapted by Jerry Pinkney

Each Kindness  (grades1 -5) by Jacqueline Woodson
Kids' Random Acts of Kindness (grades 2 -5) by Conari Press
The Mighty Miss Malone, (grades 4 -7) Christopher Paul Curtis
PeaceJam: A Billion Simple Acts of Peace, (grades 5+) Ivan Suvanjieff
Seven Billion and Counting: The Crisis In Global Population Growth
, (grades 6 -9) Michael Andregg

Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time, (grades 6-8) Greg Mortenson
Making Change: Tips From an Underage Overachiever, (grades 6 -9) Bilaal Rajan