"The Night Gardener" by Jonathan Auxier

Petworth Library

"The Night Gardener" by Jonathan Auxier

A Spooky New Must-Read!

nightgardenerMany children come to the library looking for scary books. The Night Gardener is a page-turner that will give you the creeps!

Kip and Molly are Irish orphans who come to work as servants in a crumbling old manor house in England. From the moment they lay eyes on it, they have a sense of foreboding. The Windsor family has moved to Mr. Windsor's childhood home in the "Sourwoods" after living in the village for many years. While she is cleaning, Molly finds an old family portrait of the Windsors. She is shocked to see that the family used to have red hair and ruddy cheeks; now their hair is almost black and their skin is pale. What could be causing them to fall ill? Could it be the house? Could it be the giant tree whose branches have pushed into the house? What's in the secret room at the top of the stairs that the Windsors insist must be locked at all times?
And is the "night man" just a figment of little Penny's overactive imagination?

One night, when Kip and Molly are outside looking for their lost horse, she sees something in the doorway of the house. "It could have been a trick of the light, but it looked like something was moving just inside the door frame. Something dark. Something tall. Something she did not want to be there. A sharp gust of wind swept across the lawn, and the door swung wide. Molly caught her breath. A figure stepped onto the stoop. Dry leaves swirled all around him. His face and hands were pale in the moonlight. He was wearing a long black coat and a black hat that looked horribly, horribly familiar. Molly swallowed, barely able to form the words."The night man," she whispered. "He's back."

Check out this book today, if you dare!