And the winner is...

Kyle MacLachlan playing Paul Muad'Dib in "Dune"This past June, we asked for people to vote on the MLK Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club's new name. Now the votes are in. From now on, the MLK Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club will be known as... Novum!

The name comes from a Latin term, used by sci-fi scholar Darko Suvin "to describe the scientifically plausible innovations used by science fiction narratives."

Thanks to everyone who voted and made suggestions (including "Big Bad Beetle Borgs" and "The Martin Luther Klingons".)

Novum meets every 3rd Wednesday in the MLK Popular Library to discuss the best works of sci-fi and fantasy. Our next book will be Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead. Join our mailing list to receive event reminders, author news, and more!