Celebrate Batman Day on July 23

Francis A. Gregory Library

Celebrate Batman Day on July 23

75th Anniversary of The Dark Knight

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Join thousands of comic retailers, book stores and libraries for Batman Day on Wednesday, July 23 at the Francis A. Gregory Library! Francis A. Gregory Library will host a Batman 75th anniversary celebration by offering fans free, special edition commemorative Batman masks, a HUGE poster showcasing the timeline of Batman in the comics, and buttons featuring the new 75th Anniversary logo.

The ultimate anti-hero, Bruce Wayne's fate was delivered at his feet when a terrible crime left him orphaned at a young age. Vowing to single-handedly take on Gotham's crime, Batman was born. And while his appearance may have changed through the ages, displaying strength of character and body, Batman the symbol remains the top-grossing superhero of all time.

The world's greatest detective - whether you know him from his depiction on film, in TV shows, video games, cartoons or millions of comics - Batman is proof you don't need super powers to be a superhero. Not just the poster boy for justice, but also a cautionary tale of how one traumatic event can shape you, Bruce Wayne is not just a billionaire and Olympian-worthy acrobat, his alter ego Batman is the world's greatest weapon against crime. Sacrificing his humanity in order to save the innocent, Batman has been to Hell and back for the people of Gotham.

Celebrate him in all his glory on Batman Day, July 23, and cheer with me: Long live, Batman!