Forever Young Adult (FYA)

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Forever Young Adult (FYA)


Speak BookcoverLaurie Halse Anderson did an excellent job 
illustrating when you don't report or
tell someone that something bad happened 
to you, how it can have a negative effect on you. 
Hear the effect it has on the person in the book Speak.

Melinda Sordino was a preteen ready to start 
high school. She and her friends felt special to be
able to attend the end of the Summer Party. 
She went to the party with her best friend 
Rachel and her brother. They were having a
good time.

Melinda thought she was important because
at the party she was dancing with Andy Evans.
Andy Evans was the "IT" senior guy at 
Merryweather High School. Unfortunately,
that dance didn't end well.

Melinda was upset and disheveled that she
called the cops at the party. The party ended
and some people got in trouble for under age drinking.
Due to her actions Melinda was an outcast on the first
day of school. Everyone was mad at her and started bullying 

However, due to her SPEAKING up and telling someone and
reporting the situation, Melinda's attitude change about life.
Her grades were slipping, she was skipping school, and she
wasn't talking to anyone not even her parents. Melinda would
express herself through her art in Art class. That's the only
class she enjoyed attending.

 When Melinda finally speaks up to one person 
she use to call a "BEST FRIEND", she didn't believe
her. Unfortunately, everyone believed her when he 
tried to attack her again in a closet at the school.

Speak!!! That's the only way changes can be made.