Access II Intermediate

Expand on your Microsoft Access skills by learning how to build queries, aggregate data using basic functions, rename fields, and create macros.   

Instructor: P. McFadden
Computer Lab, Room 311

Required Skills: The ability to read and comprehend English well, and the skills acquired in PC Basics, Word I Basics, Word II Intermediate, Excel I Basics, Excel II Intermediate, Excel III Advanced and Access I Basics. Familiarity with the keyboard is also required.

You will learn to:
  • Import Data Methods by~
    • Importing data into a new table
    • Appending data to an existing table
    • Creating a linked data table
    •  Saving import steps
  • Perform Simple Queries by~
    • Identifying different query types (Select, Make Table, Append, Update, Crosstab, Delete)
    • Naming and saving queries
    • Sorting query results
    • Adding constraints (AND, OR, >, <, BETWEEN, Like)
  • Perform Advanced Queries by ~
    • Aggregating data using basic functions (sum, count, average)
    • Creating custom calculations
    • Looking behind the scenes at the SQL
Please bring your own flash drive to save class documents or send them to your email account.