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Your Friday Five

Books That Fright and Excite

Stephen King is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers, so I wanted to share a few of his books that I have enjoyed so far as well as some titles I look forward to reading.

cover of 11-22-6311/22/63: a novel

In this book, Stephen King dives into alternative history by creating his own unique version of the events surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy. With elements of revisionist history, time travel, and the usual complex characters, Stephen King has created a long but enjoyable book. 
cover of under the domeUnder the Dome: a novel

One of Stephen King's more recent novels,Under the Dome takes us to the town of Chester's Mill where an inescapable dome has been dropped on a small unassuming town. But, as with most of Stephen King's works, extraordinary events take the reader on a journey to uncover the more sinister nature of the people we thought were good. 
cover of the shiningThe Shining

One of Stephen King's classic horror titles, The Shining takes the reader to a cold and dark place filled with unexpected turns and twists. I read this book in a single sitting on a snowed-in day in February. It should make a good beach read too! Who knew following a family's stay in a hotel could be so terrifying?  
photo of doctor sleepDoctor Sleep

The long awaited follow up to The Shining, Stephen King lets the reader re-visit the world of Dan Torrance, the main protagonist in The Shining. While he seems to lead a normal middle-aged life, we begin to see that things are not so normal after all. 
cover of mr.mercedesMr.Mercedes: a novel

In Stephen King's most recent novel, a mix of mystery and horror fiction, a retired cop and a crazed murderer are the centerpiece for a story that stays full throttle for the entirety of the book. Most Stephen King fans should find this a nice departure from some of his more recent works.