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Your Friday Five

I <3 Paris

Oh la la! Paris, the city of lights.  A creative hub for writers and artists alike.  After doing several French preschool story times, I’ve felt inspired to do a Friday Five list about this magical city.  Through the pages of these children’s books, you can take a quick tour of the sights without having to spend a dime.

Cover image for Everybody bonjours!Everybody Bonjours
by Leslie Kimmelman

One of my story time favorites, this book follows a family’s trip to France through a little girl’s eyes.  This colorful book delights all the senses as she watches crepe batter being poured, hears street performers play their trumpets and samples pastries!  It’s a perfect book to read aloud to or with your child.
Adѐle & Simon
by Barbara McClintock

Adѐle picks her brother up from school to walk him back home in early 1900s Paris.  They make several stops along the way – including parks, museums, and bakeries.  The book even features a map from 1907 that details their route.  Keep an eye out for the famous Madeline and her fellow classmates walking through a park!  
Cover image for Adèle & Simon
Cover image for Madeline says merci : the always be polite bookMadeline says Merci: The Always Be Polite Book
by John Bemelmans Marciano

This list would not be complete without a Madeline book.  Not only is this one set in Paris, but it teaches good manners too.  Learning to be polite is always more fun when the lessons rhyme.   For example, “The proper way to greet someone you chance to meet, is to look them in the eye and say ‘hello’ or even ‘hi’”.
Paris in the Spring with Picasso
by Joan Yolleck and Marjorie Priceman

This brightly illustrated book introduces kids to some of the big names in Paris during the early 20th century.  Around the city and at a soiree, we meet Pablo Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Max Jacob and several others.  Even if just to flip through this color splashed depiction of Paris, this book is worth checking out!
Cover image for Paris in the spring with Picasso
Cover image for Bon appétit! : the delicious life of Julia ChildBon Appétit!: The Delicious Life of Julia Child
by Jessie Hartland

This is the story of the lady who brought French cooking to America, the great Julia Child.  It is done very whimsically and looks like a book of doodles, which makes any biography interesting.  As one finds out in this book she does quite a bit of traveling in her life, but Paris is where her path to greatness begins.

~Christine, your friendly neighborhood Library Associate~