Good Taste in Coffee... Good Taste in Books

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Good Taste in Coffee... Good Taste in Books

Some Book Suggestions from the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel

We are a mid-week in our two-part Saturday morning coffee tasting program. This past Saturday, as we sipped our delicious coffee and rich talk from Peregrine Espresso and Madcap Coffee, we learned about the complex and poetic vocabulary that coffee lovers use to describe what they are drinking. Contemplating the coffee taster's flavor wheel (from Counter Culture Coffee), my librarian's mind went to books and movies from our collection that would match these descriptors. Though I could not ascribe titles to the whole wheel, I did add one for each of the ten Intensifiers in the grid below.

Stop by the library this Saturday at 11 a.m. for more Coffee Talk about roasting and brewing and tell us what titles percolate up for you when you think about these flavors.

coffee flavor intensifierscrisp, bright, vibrant, tart

wild, unbalanced, sharp, pointed

dense, deep, complex


lingering, dirty

Click on each box to see the coffee flavor title. Do you agree?!?!muted, dull, mild

structured, balanced, rounded

soft, faint, delicate

dry, astringent

quick, clean


Counter Culture Coffee taster's flavor wheel