Records of Self-Determination for D.C. (SDDC), 1970-1980

Records of Self-Determination for D.C. (SDDC), 1970-1980

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The materials were donated in 1989 by Richard W. Clark, Chairman of Self-Determination for D.C. National Coalition at the time.


Self-Determination for D.C. Coalition was the result of the adoption of a resolution in January 1971 by Americans for Democratic Action, calling for the formation of a national coalition to promote home rule and D.C. Congressional voting representation. 

Initially the Coalition was called the Democracy for D.C. Committee. The Coalition was formed from the coalition of 25 national groups and Washington, D.C. residents. Richard W. Clark, a special assistant to the president of Common Cause, and organized labor leader Victor Reuther agreed to serve as National Co-chairmen. Honorary Co-chairmen were Senator Edward Brooke and Delegate Walter Fauntroy. In the fall of 1971, a Metropolitan Steering Committee was formed of local organizations with Sterling Tucker and Marne Hornblower as Co-chairmen.

The Coalition was instrumental in lobbying for and campaigning for home rule legislation in the early 1970s and a Constitutional Amendment providing for congressional representation in Congress from 1978 through the early 1980s.

Processing Procedures

General processing procedures consisted of discarding duplicates, unnecessary binders, and routine transmittals.  Oversized documents and photographs were removed from the original location in their assigned series and placed in separate containers.  Separation sheets were inserted in the original location within the folder to indicate the new location of any records placed elsewhere.
Preservation copying of newspaper clippings was performed whenever feasible. Records in folders were arranged, unless otherwise indicated, in forward chronological order, with undated records appearing at the end of the folder

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of office files documenting the Coalition's activities in support of home rule and voting rights for D.C.  In particular, it includes testimony, legislation, lobbying packets, correspondence, and media lists regarding its lobbying efforts in support of Congressional legislation passed in 1973 granting D.C. home rule (D.C. Self-Government and Reorganization Act). 

The records also contain materials compiled by the Coalition regarding supportive, related, and opposing organizations, including reports, clippings, press releases, newsletters, publications, and brochures. Memorabilia such as a hat, banner, and bumper stickers are also a part of the collection. 

The collection is arranged into 12 series:

Topical Files Opposition Groups Support Groups
Chronological Files Lobbying Files Media Coverage
Legislation Post-Home Rule Passage Related Organizations
Research Publications Memorabilia

Series Descriptions

Series I: Topical Files, 1975-1985 (1.50 linear ft.)

This series consists of topical files related to the issue of voting rights, home rule, and statehood in the District of Columbia. Contains congressional testimony, legislation, correspondence to D.C. and federal legislators, brochures, flyers, and handwritten notes.

Series II: Opposition Groups, 1979-1986 (.50 linear ft.)

Contains materials about organizations and individuals the Coalition considered opponents of self-determination for D.C. such as the Republican Party.

Series III: Support Groups, 1976-1985 (2.50 linear ft.)

This series consists of reports, clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, and printed materials regarding organizations the Coalition considered supporters of its goals. A sample of groups include the American Jewish Congress, Common Cause, AFL-CIO, Democratic Party, Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, National Council of Churches, and the Episcopal Church.

Series IV: Chronological Files, 1970-1973 (.25 linear ft.)  

Contains internal memoranda, drafts, letters, and Coalition Comments, the Coalition's newsletter, arranged chronologically.

Series V: Lobbying Files, 1972-1973 (1.75 linear ft.)

This series contains materials documenting the Coalition's lobbying efforts for home rule in 1973.  Included are reports, issue papers, congressional contact lists, lobbying packets, and background materials on the House District Committee, among others. 

Series VI: Media Coverage, 1972-1973 (.50 linear ft.)

Contains media lists from various states.     

Series VII: Legislation, 1965-1973 (1.25 linear ft.)

This series contains briefing papers, legislative analyses, congressional legislation, letters, Congressional Record excerpts, congressional voting records, and other legislative materials related to home rule.

Series VIII: Post-Home Rule Passage, 1974 (.25 linear ft.)

This series includes reports, clippings, and correspondence regarding such topics as 1974 campaign financing and the formation of advisory neighborhood commissions.

Series IX: Related Organizations, 1960-1971 (.25 linear ft.)

This series contains materials regarding two related organizations, the Home Rule Committee and Ad-Hoc Committee for Home Rule, which preceded the Coalition.

Series X: Research, 1966-1973 (.25 linear ft.)

Consists of research documents prepared by the Library of Congress regarding home rule and voting rights for D.C. Also contains legislative bills, reprints, and copies of articles on the same issues.

Series XI: Publications, 1973 (.25 linear ft.)

Primarily consists of brochures, newsletters of SDDC and other related organizations.

Series XII: Memorabilia, ca. 1970s (1.75 linear ft.)

Contains brochures, buttons, bumper stickers, a patriot's hat, and banner of the Coalition. Also contains the publication Salute to Volunteers prepared by the Coalition.

Box Inventory

Series I: Topical Files

Box 1

  • Government Reorganization Act, 1973
  • Home rule, background, 1962-1980 (8 folders)
  • Home rule, foreign missions, etc., October 1982

Box 2

  • Home rule, background, 1962-1980 (3 folders)
  • Walter Fauntroy, 1981-1989
  • Mayor Barry’s office, 1980-84
  • Senator Ted Kennedy, 1978-79
  • Lobby Corps, 1978 

Box 3

  • D.C. voting rights testimony, 1978-1983 (3 folders)
  • White House, 1978-81
  • Statehood and the Coalition, 1985
  • Tax Day, April 15, 1985
  • Local Coalition Activities, 1977-78
  • Project Vote Count, 1983
  • PR Group, 1983-84

Series II: Opposition Organizations

Box 4

  • Opposition organizations, 1978-79
  • Polls, 1984
  • Ratification slates, 1980
  • Pre-1983 publications
  • Republican convention, 1984
  • D.C. Republicans for Self-Determination, 1984
  • Republicans, 1975-80 

Box 5

  • Originals (newsletters, news releases, etc.), 1974-1983
  • Miscellaneous documents, 1977-1983, 1981
  • Mayor Barry’s Breakfast for self-government, 1981
  • Mayor Breakfast for voting rights, 1984
  • Information packet, 1970 

Series III: Supporting Organizations

Box 6

  • D.C. Voting Rights Amendment Briefing book, 1983
  • ACLU thru Black organizations, ca. 1977-1983

Box 7

  • Board of Trade thru D.C. Commission for Women (8 folders)

Box 8

  • D.C. Congress of PTAs thru League of Women Voters-D.C. (13 folders) 

Box 9

  • League of Women Voters of the U.S thru National Governor’s Association (16 folders)

Box 10

  • National Student Association thru United Presbyterian Church

Box 11

  • U.S. Commission of Civil Rights thru Women’s Internal League for Peace and Freedom (16 folders)

Series IV: Chronological Files

Box 12

  • Chronological files, 1972-June 1973 (4 folders) 

Box 13

  • Chronological files, July 1973-March, 1974 (2 folders)

Series V: Lobbying Files

Finances, 1972-1973
Lobbying, 1973
Strategy target lists of House members, 1973
National Constituency Committee, 1973

Box 14

  • National Constituency Committee, sample worksheets, 1973-1974 (3 folders)
  • Lobby packets, August-September, 1973
  • House District Committee, background materials, 1973

Box 15

  • League of Women Voters
  • Local Organizations
  • Field reports (3 folders) (restricted access)

Series VI: Media Coverage

Box 16

  • Media lists in various states, ca. 1970
  • Media coverage, 1972-73 (2 folders)

Series VII: Legislation

Home rule, 1965
Preparation for Coalition testimony before House Committee
on the District of Columbia, Subcommittee on Government Operations, 1973
H.R. 9682 briefing papers used by lobbyist, 1973

Box 17

  • H.R. 9682, issues concerning the judiciary, 1973
  • issues concerning planning, 1973
  • letters of support, 1973
  • Explanation of final action on Home Rule, 1973
  • Nelson-Green Substitute proposal, 1973
  • 92nd Congress, House, 1973
  • 93rd Congress, Senate, 1973

Box 18

  • 93rd Congress, House, 1973 (2 folders)
  • Excerpts from Congressional Record, 1973
  • House of Representatives member support and voting record for
  • home rule issues, 1973

Series VIII: Post-Home Rule Passage

Box 19

  • Campaign Financing, 1974
  • Advisory Neighbor Commissions, 1973-1976 (3 folders)

Box 20

  • Speakers Bureau, 1974
  • Committee to Support the Charter, 1974
  • Salute to Volunteers, 1985

Series IX: Related Organizations

  • Home Rule Committee, ca. 1960s
  • Ad-Hoc Committee for Home Rule, 1972

Series X: Research

  • Library of Congress and other material, ca. 1970s (2 folders)

Series XI: Publications

Box 21

  • Time to Act, 1973
  • Questions and Answers on D.C. Home Rules, 1973
  • Home Rule for Washington, D.C. Issues and Fact, 1973
  • Self-Determination for the District of Columbia: A Look at Congressional Proposals in the last 25 years, 1973
  • A Look to the Past: A Short List of the Prior Types of Governments, n.d.
  • Nelson Commission Recommendations, n.d.
  • Memorabilia 

Box 22

  • Salute to Volunteers (duplicates) 

Box 23

  • To Complete A Revolution” (duplicates)
  • Congressional Records testimony for Self-Determination, 4/3/1973 (duplicates)
  • Coalition Comments” newsletter, March & Sept., 1973 (duplicates)
  • Common Cause” newsletter, March 25, 1974 (duplicates)
  • The Home Rule Bill,” Committee to Support the Charter 

Box 24 

  • Home Rule Charter Yes brochure
  • Advisory Councils
  • Y.O.U. for Home Rule in D.C.

Series XII: Memorabilia

Box 25

  • Hat
  • Banner
  • Campaign literature
  • Bumper stickers


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