Gregory Genealogical Collection, 1902-1975

Gregory Genealogical Collection, 1902-1975

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Collection No. 5 (2.5 linear ft.)
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Mrs. Francis A.Gregory proposed the development of a genealogical collection to document the history of certain prominent African-American families in Washington, D.C. history. Eunice Shaed donated the Shaed family papers.

Scope and Content Note

The collections consists of the Shaed and Baltimore family papers as well materials regarding Elzie Hoffman. It includes photographs, programs, published books, biographies, letters, certificates, dairies, scrapbooks, clippings, and other family memorabilia.

The collection has been divided into series by family. Most of the members of the families attended Dunbar High School, Miners Teachers College, and Howard University in Washington, D.C. and many of the items are related to these educational institutions.  

Series Descriptions

Series I: Shaed Family, 1902-1975  (1.25 linear ft.)

The papers consist of letters, published books, programs, photographs, clippings, certificates, and biographical data sheets on family members collected by Eunice Shaed, a daughter of Gregory W. and Cenos D. Shaed.

The papers date from 1902 through 1975.

The collection also contains a typewritten biography of the five Shaed daughters who were educators in D.C. schools. In addition, a journal/scrapbook kept by Eunice Shaed of her years at Dunbar High School (1926-1930) as well as commencement programs and clippings regarding Dunbar.

History of the Shaed family: 
The Shaeds were a prominent family of educators and professionals in Washington, D.C. Gregory and Cenos Shaed moved from Florida to Washington, D.C. after their marriage in 1900, where Mr. Shaed became a printer with the Government Printing Office.

The Shaeds had six children, Alice Evelyn, Ernestine Pamela, Helen Virginia, Dorothy Lee-Louise, Eunice Jane, and Gregory W., Jr.  All of the daughters were graduates of Miner Normal School and taught in D.C. public schools. Their only son, Gregory W. Shaed, Jr. became a physician after graduating from Howard Medical School in 1934 and practiced in Florida, Michigan, and Virginia.

A D.C. elementary school, the Alice and Earnestine Shaed Elementary School, honors two of the Shaed sisters’ dedication to local D.C. schools.

Series II:  Baltimore Family, 1902-1987 (.75 linear ft.)  

This series contain photographs, organizational publications, programs, clippings and other memorabilia from members of the Baltimore family in Washington, D.C. Most of the items relate to Charles Baltimore and Thelma Baltimore, famous teachers in the D.C. public schools.

Items of significance include a 1926 edition of the Cadet, which commemorates an African-American high school military batallion formed in 1895, a 1902 yearbook of the Armstrong Manual Training School, and a publication saluting the establishment of the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in D.C., and a scrapbook of clippings about boxer Joe Louis from the 1930s.

History of Baltimore family:
The Baltimore family was a prominent family of educators in Washington, D.C. Thelma Lane Baltimore, educated at Miner Normal School and Howard University, taught in D.C. schools ending her career as Director of Elementary Education in D.C. Charles Baltimore was a coach and vocational educator who taught at the Armstrong Training School and a principal at Bell Vocational High School in the 1960s.

This series also includes the 1927 and 1928 edition of Dunbar High School’s yearbook Liber Anni. This yearbook contains photographs and information about members of many prominent black families in D.C. A biography of Clarence Sumner Greene, his wife Evelyn Gardiner, and other Greene family photographs are also included.

Series III:  Elzie Schubert Hoffman, 1898-1976 (1 bound volume)  

This series contains a bound notebook of programs, photographs, clippings, letters, and other memorabilia regarding Elzie Schubert Hoffman by his daughter Sylvia Ruth Hoffman King. Elzie Hoffman born in 1872 was a longtime resident and civic leader in Anacostia. 

Mr. Hoffman was a bandmaster, orchestra director, and musician who is probably most famous for his establishment of the Hoffman Music Festival in 1900.  

Box Inventory

Series I: The Shaed Family

Box 1

  • Shaed Family fact sheet
  • Cenos Detwyler Shaed, 1880-1952 biographical sketch, photos and memorabilia
  • Gregory W. Shaed photos and memorabilia
  • Alice Evelyn Shaed, 1902-1963 biographical sketch, photos and memorabilia
  • Ernestine Pamela Shaed photos and memorabilia
  • Helen Virginia Shaed (Waters) photos and memorabilia
  • Gregory W. Shaed, Jr. photos and memorabilia

Box 2

  • Dorothy Lee L. Shaed (Proctor) photos and memorabilia
  • Eunice J. Shaed (Newton) photos and memorabilia

Box 3

  • Dunbar High School
  • Alice and Ernestine Shaed Elementary School
  • Isham G. Newton, Sr. and Amanda E. Stockton (parents of Eunice Shaed’s husband)
  • Raymond E. Waters, Sr. and family (husband of Helen Shaed)
  • “The five Shaed sisters of Washington, D.C.: Elementary school educators”

Series II: The Baltimore Family

Box 4

  • The Cadet, 24th Regiment, High School Cadets, Washington, D.C.
  • Washington Chapter of Girl Friends
  • Armstrong Training School Yearbook, 1902-1903
  • Charles H. Baltimore
  • Photo of Bishop Albert Johnson
  • Metropolitan AME Church
  • Thelma Baltimore
  • Deanwood Schools

Box 5

  • Minnie Shumate Woodson, The Sable Curtain
  • Joe Louis scrapbook
  • Encyclopaedia of African Methodism, Volume 1 by R.R. Wright Jr.

Box 6

  • Clarence S. Greene and Evelyn Gardiner Greene
  • Dunbar High School Yearbooks of 1927 and 1928  (property of Belle Manonicee Sadgwar)

Series III:  Elzie Shubert Hoffman  

Box 6

  • “A Collection of  . . Materials  . . Setting Forth the Life and Times of Washington, D.C. Musician, Elzie Schubert Hoffman”

Revised by Faye Haskins in November 1998
Originally prepared by Leroy Graham in July 1990
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