Grandparents Day, Hooray!

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Grandparents Day, Hooray!

A Sunday Family FunDay Program

"Happy Grandparent' Day" clipartWe will celebrate Grandparents Day with stories and a craft at our Sunday Family Funday on Sept. 7 at 2 p.m.

Grandparents Day is an opportunity to:
  • Honor grandparents
  • Give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children
  • Help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer
This special day is celebrated annually, the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Here are seven grandparent stories to share with your child.

Curl up, get cozy, and read!
Grandparents Are The Greatest Because ...
By Adele Aron Greenspun
Photographs illustrate and text describes some of the interactions and activities of grandchildren with their grandparents.
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Our Grandparents: A Global Album
By Maya Ajmera
Vibrant photographs and simple text capture the joy and affection shown by grandparents and grandchildren around the world.
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Mis Abuelos = My Grandparents
By George Ancona
Author-photographer George Ancona with Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy paint a picture in Spanish and English of a Latino child's world. This is a book for parents to enjoy with their children, for teachers to read to their classes, and for children of any heritage to share with one another. It is a title in the “Somos Latinos” series.
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Grandma and Grandpa
By Helen Oxenbury
A small girl tells about the good times she has during her weekly visits to her grandparents' house.
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What Grandmas Do Best:
What Grandpas Do Best

By Laura Joffe Numeroff
One side of this upside-down book celebrates all of the things grandmas do for their grandchildren. Turning the book over and around produces a similar celebration of grandpas.
Available in Chinese:
Nai Nai Zui Bang!: Ye Ye Zui Bang!
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Grandma's Wedding Album
By Harriet Ziefert
Grandma shows Emily and Michael the photograph album with pictures from her wedding. Includes wedding traditions from many different cultures.
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Yoko's Show-and-Tell
By Rosemary Wells
When Yoko's grandparents send her a beautiful antique doll named Miki all the way from Japan, Yoko couldn't be happier. She places Miki on her red carpet and brings her candy until Girls' Festival on March 3. Even though Mama said no, Yoko decides to sneak Miki to school for show-and-tell. How could she have guessed that Miki would be in accident along the way? Looks like a trip to the Doll Hospital is in order!
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