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Gerbil Diaries

We All Fall for Autumn

Salt and Pepa the gerbilsDay 1: Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness!* The calendar might still say summer, but the weather has us ready for fall! Pumpkins, leaf sniffing, and snuggling in for naps with brother Salt. Life is good!

Day 2: While our bodies stayed put in Shaw this summer, our minds went on some wild trips as we did our summer reading. We went all the way to a galaxy, well, or just a classroom, far, far away with Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue and the smelliest place ever with Poop Fountain! Oh, the places you'll go when you start reading! I was also pretty thrilled to continue our literary Journey of the imagination with Quest

Day 3: The library's bustling with back to school kids and teachers. Welcome, welcome! And if you need a little refresher on how to be a model student, allow Professor Pepa to recommend How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? 

Day 4: In honor of Library Card Sign-Up Month, I badgered and gerbiled Salt into FINALLY getting his own card! I was tired of him borrowing mine all the time anyways. While educating young minds and helping the kids with their homework and reading is just a hobby for me now, if I decide to go full time with that gig on top of my writing career, the librarians tell me I could get an Educator Card and take out twice the books for three times as long. Such power!Salt eating

Day 5: Ms. Theresa read us And Tango Makes Three for our last bedtime story. What a sweet book. If Salt's ever up for a change of scene, I'd say let's try our luck at getting adopted by some penguins. Couldn't believe it when she told us some people have tried to ban the book! I immediately looked up more banned books. I know what I'm reading this week! 

Day 6: Debated the merits of growing an artistic mustache with Salt to attend the Banned Books Week art show preview party at MLK Library. Salt put his paw down and said no. I'll settle for an interesting bow tie, I guess.

Day 7: Nibbled on my mixed seed and paper media piece for Art All Night. If there's going to be body painters again, I'll be first in line for some silver glitter swirls. Really brings out my eyes, I think. 

-- From the Paws of Pepa (Edited by Ms. Theresa)
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*To Autumn by John Keats