What Did We Just Read?! Book Club

Takoma Park Library

What Did We Just Read?! Book Club

Do you like to be left scratching your head after finishing a book? Do you enjoy asking yourself, “What, exactly, did I just read?”
Experimental BookWhat Did We Just Read?! Book Club may be just what you’re looking for! Once a month, we’ll meet to discuss an innovative work of literature that avoids taking the straight path from point A to point B. These books sometimes start at B, or they skip B, or they never really leave A. Perhaps they just circle around point C.

Sometimes thrilling, heartbreaking, terrifying, or goofy, What The?! seeks to explore and discuss the kinds of books that even other books think are weird.

For October’s meeting, we’ll be discussing Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau, in which he re-tells a short, banal anecdote 99 different ways. Queneau was a founding member of the Oulipo group, which sought “potential literature” by working with writing constraints, games, and even math. Yes, even math!"Exercises in Style" by Raymond Queneau

We’ll meet Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m. at a bar or restaurant near the Takoma Park Neighborhood Library. To ask a question, or RSVP, email torin.jensen@dc.gov.

For more information on Raymond Queneau and the Oulipians, visit DC Public Library's Cale Literature Resource Center

You can also find us on Meetup.com