Records of the Federation of Citizens' Associations, 1964-1987

Records of the Federation of Citizens' Associations, 1964-1987

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Collection No. 28 (4.5 Linear ft.)
D.C. Community Archives


The records of the Federation of Citizens’ Associations were donated to the Archives in 1989 by organization officer Nancy Wright, gathered from her files and those of other members of the Federation.


In March of 1910, representatives from 22 established citizens' associations met to form an alliance to represent their combined interests before Congress, the president, and the D.C. government. William Clayton, Allen Davis, and Charles Lancaster were some of the key founders of the Federation.

The Federation has championed a number of interests over its history, including establishment of the Public Utilities Commission, voting rights for D.C. citizens’ congressional representation as well as working on issues affecting transportation, police, fire, fiscal matters, environment, and education in the City. Historically, the membership of citizens associations has been white.    

Scope and Discount

The records consist of financial information, correspondence, meeting minutes, internal memoranda, resolutions, directories, reports, Federation resolutions, and clippings maintained by the Federation of Citizens' Association of D.C. Major topics covered include city planning and zoning, historical preservation, election law, D.C. government budgets, transportation, and crime.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Office Files, 1964-1973 (1.25 linear ft.)

This series consists of the Federation’s office files, which document its daily operations. It includes correspondence, minutes, lists, handwritten notes, resolutions, motions, charts, pamphlets, and flyers.  

Series II: Correspondence, 1975-1987 (. 5 linear ft.)

The series contains correspondence (1975-1980) (with any relevant attachments) sent to and from Nancy Wright, secretary of the Federation at the time, primarily from local D.C. and federal government officials. Letters “to” and “from” the Federation are grouped in folders separately; the remaining correspondence is loosely arranged chronologically.

Series III: Meeting Minutes, 1969-1990 (1 linear ft.)  

This series contains minutes of meetings of the Federation that are arranged chronologically by date of the meeting. It also includes materials related to or gathered in preparation for the meeting.  

Series IV:  Resolutions, 1975-1987 (.25 linear ft.)

The series contains formal resolutions passed by the Federation and its member organizations during meetings.  Background documents such as correspondence, meeting minutes, clippings, legislation, statements before the City Council and Congress, and notes related to the resolution are also included. The resolutions were used as policy statements and covered issues such as transportation, development, zoning, education, D.C. government finances, election law, crime, and D.C. General Hospital.

Series V:  Topical Files, 1950-1987 (1.50 linear ft.)

This series contains correspondence, resolutions, financial materials, Federation certifications, citizen association newsletters, directories, clippings, and reference materials arranged in folders alphabetically by content or topic.

Box Inventory

Series I: Office Files

Box 1

  • Office, Files, 1964-1967 (3 folders)

Box 2

  • Office Files, 1967-1969 (3 folders)

Box 3

  • Office Files, 1969-1973  (4 folders)

Box 4

  • Office, Files, 1974-1978

Box 5

  • Office Files, 1978-1979

Series II: Correspondence

Box 6

  • Correspondence sent by Committee Chairmen, 1975-1980
  • Letters received, 1975-1980
  • Correspondence from the Federation, 1980-1987
  • Correspondence to the Federation, 1981-1987(2 folders)

Series III: Meeting Minutes

Box 7

  • Meetings background and notes, 1969-1987 (5 folders)

Box 8

  • Minutes, 1976-1990 (9 folders)

Series IV: Resolutions

Box 9

  • Resolutions, 1975-1987

Series V: Topical Files

Box 10

  • Annual Dinners, 1968-1972
  • Attendance record, 1972-1975Attendance Record, 1972-1975
  • Budget, 1977 (2 folders)
  • Certification, 1977-1984 (2 folders)
  • Citations, 1976-1983

Box 11

  • City Planning and Zoning, 1980 (2 folders)
  • Clippings, 1968-1969
  • Committee materials, 1975
  • Committee preference sheets, 1979-1980
  • Congress on zoning, 1978
  • Constitution and By-laws, 1979
  • Directory, 1969-1987 (4 folders)
  • Fiscal Relations and Taxation Committee, 1977

Box 12

  • Fiscal Relations and Taxation Committee, 1977
  • Federation Home Rule Activities, 1969-1979
  • Newsletters
    • Burleith, 1973-1979
    • Foggy Bottom, 1978-1980
    • Olivet Heights, 1973-1975
  • Potomac River Basin, 1967-1969

Oct. 15, 2002

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