Dragon Ball-The Saiyan Arc

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Dragon Ball-The Saiyan Arc

A picture of San Goku
Manga can be a complicated thing to understand. The comics sometimes draw from obscure Japanese history and cultural assumptions, making it hard for American readers to understand the character’s motivations.

Then again, some manga is very brutally simple. It’s about groups of people punching each other in the face (nominally for some greater cause) and whoever punches the hardest has their cause win out. Don’t mistake this simplicity for stupidity, though. Some of the most entertaining work in manga and anime has been based on this formula, particularly the different iterations of Dragonball, which you might remember as your favorite Saturday morning cartoon.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for it, or want to know why your nerdy older brother is always going on about how awesome Dragonball is, now’s your chance. The Parklands-Turner Library has the Saiyan arc in two volumes and full color, out on display in our manga section!

The Saiayan arc follows the adventures of Goku, a great alien warrior who was sent to earth as an infant. Goku’s no Superman, though-despite being raised by humans his original mission was to wipe out humanity. And since he has instead decided to become our champion, he now has to face down his relatives who are coming to earth to finish the job he should have started. They are as powerful as him, but far, far more bloodthirsty.

It’s an exciting story about family, resistance, and of course superpowered martial arts. With full pages and colors, the Saiyan arc is a great read, and the simple story line makes it a great jumping in point for anyone interested in manga.