Albert W. Atwood Collection, 1911-1975

Albert W. Atwood Collection, 1911-1975

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Collection No. 64 (11 Linear Feet)
D.C. Community Archives


The Albert W. Atwood Collection was accessioned into the D.C. Community Archives in 1998. The collection of materials was acquired by the D.C. Community Archives prior to 1998, but little information about the materials exists, save for a note in two of the volumes that read “Property of Mrs. Yates.” The assumption is that Mr. Atwood created the materials, but this cannot be verified.


Albert W. Atwood was born in Jersey City, N.J. in 1879.  He graduated from Fredonia (N.Y.) State Normal School in 1899 and from Amherst College in 1903. Albert W. Atwood was a leader in the scholarly, journalistic and philanthropic communities in Washington, D.C., in the early 20th century.

He served as president of the Board of Trustees for the DC Public Library, was president of the Cosmos Club, and was a regular contributor to The Saturday Evening Post and The National Geographic Magazine, as well as various local newspapers and journals.  He also wrote a biography of Sen. Francis G. Newlands and a history of Gallaudet College. He died in 1975 in Washington, D.C.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of scrapbooks containing Albert W. Atwood’s articles and editorials from The Saturday Evening Post and The National Geographic Magazine, as well as three books and a poster from the DC Public Library. Also included are photographs, articles, and awards.

The control file for this collection contains a title index of Mr. Atwood’s articles and editorials from The Saturday Evening Post.

Series Descriptions

The collection is divided into three series: General Documents, The Saturday Evening Post Scrapbooks, and Bound Volumes.  The physical makeup of the documents made these series necessary.

Series I: General Documents

This series consists of loose articles and addresses, photographs, awards, clippings, and biographical information.

Series II: The Saturday Evening Post Scrapbooks

This series contains seven scrapbooks of Mr. Atwood’s work that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post.  The items in each scrapbook are separated by articles and editorials.  Some of the scrapbooks contain indexes.

Series III: Bound Volumes

This series consists of books written by Mr. Atwood, as well as, The National Geographic Magazine articles authored by Mr. Atwood.

Box Inventory

Series I: General Documents

Box 1

  • Address: “Have You Read a Book?” March 20, 1958
  • Articles:
    •  “The Soul of a City,” The Saturday Evening Post, Oct. 6, 1928
    •  “How Far Should Government Go?,” The Saturday Evening Post, April 18, 1931
    • “Where’s the Money Coming From,” The Saturday Evening Post, Jan. 20, 1934
    • “The Senate Investigates,” The Saturday Evening Post, July 11, 1936
    • “Everybody’s Money,” The Saturday Evening Post, Dec. 26, 1936
    • “Across the Potomac from Washington,” The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. CIII no. 1, January 1953
  • Biographical Information, n.d.
  • Clippings, 1933-1975
  • Invitation to Cleveland Park Branch Library Open House, Oct. 15, 1953
  • Memorial Service Programs, Jan. 28, 1975
  • Photographs:
    • Inspection Group-Chevy Chase Branch Library, Dec. 4, 1946
    • Open House-Cleveland Park Branch Library, Oct. 15, 1953

Box 2

  • Meritorious Public Service Award from the Government of the District of Columbia, September 23, 1970

Oversize Folder

  • The Hecht Co. Salutes the DC Public Library, advertisement, 1954

Series II: The Saturday Evening Post Scrapbooks

Box 3

  • 1911-1915

Box 4

  • 1914-1920

Box 5

  • 1920-1922
  • 1923-1926

Box 6

  • 1927-1931

Box 7

  • 1931-1934
  • 1933-1936
  • Meritorious Public Service Award from the Government of the District of Columbia, September 23 1970

Series III: Bound Volumes

Box 8

  • Books written by Albert W. Atwood:
    • Francis G. Newlands: A Builder of the Nation, The Newlands Company, 1969
    • Gallaudet College: It’s First One Hundred Years, Gallaudet College, 1964
    • The Great Stwedarship: A Story of Life Insurance, Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1945
  • The National Geographic Magazine articles written by Albert W. Atwood:
    • “Washington—Storehouse of Knowledge,” Vol. LXXXI no. 3, March 1942
    • “Tidewater Virginia, Where History Lives,” Vol. LXXXI no. 5, May 1942
    • “The Miracle of War Production,” Vol. LXXXII no. 6, December 1942
    • “The Long River of New England,” Vol. LXXXIII no. 4, April 1943
    • “Revealing Earth’s Mightiest Ocean,” Vol. LXXXIV no. 3, September 1943
    • “The Healing Arts in Global War,” Vol. LXXXIV no. 5, November 1943
    • “Coal: Prodigious Worker for Man,” Vol. LXXXV no. 5, May 1944
    • “Potomac, River of Destiny,” Vol. LXXXVIII no. 1, July 1945
    • “Northeast of Boston,” Vol. LXXXVIII no. 3, September 1945
    • “Steel: Master of Them All,” Vol. XCI no. 4, April 1947
    • “Washington: Home of the Nation’s Great,” Vol. XCI no.6, June 1947
    • “The Mighty Hudson,” Vol. XCIV no. 1, July 1948
    • “The Fire of Heaven—Electricity,” Vol. XCIV no. 5, November 1948
    • “Pittsburgh: Workshop of the Titans,” Vol. XCVI no. 1, July 1949
    • “Gilbert Grosvenor’s Golden Jubilee,” Vol. XCVI no. 2, August 1949
    • “The Nation’s Library,” Vol. XCVII no. 5, May 1950
    • “The Merrimack: River of Industry and Romance,” Vol. XCIX no. 1, January 1951
    • “The Eternal Flame—Natural Gas,” Vol. C no. 4, October 1951
    • “Today on the Delaware, Penn’s Glorious River,” Vol. CII no. 1, July 1952
    • “Stately Homes of Old Virginia,” Vol. CIII no. 6, June 1953
    • “Immigrants Still Flock to Liberty’s Land,” Vol. CVIII no. 5, November 1955
    • “1960 Census: Profile of the Nation,” Vol. CXVI no. 5, November 1959

Compiled by Ryan P. Semmes, March 2006

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