Help Your Child Get Ready to Read

Chevy Chase Library

Help Your Child Get Ready to Read

Part Two: Vocabulary Development

Literacy Skill
Vocabulary development is knowing the names of things, feelings concepts and ideas.
The best practices for early literacy programming in libraries have been established based on current brain and educational research.  When these strategies are implemented with story times at your library, children's foundations for reading success are enhanced. 
At Chevy Chase Library we use singing, fingerplays, following directions with music, and reading books aloud to children to help develop vocabulary with new words introduced.
Some examples of good books that support vocabulary development are:
Use these picture books as a jumping off point for conversations. Say the names of things in the pictures.  Use harder words or new words with similar meanings.

Ask questions that start with "who,  why, how, and where."

Remember to keep it short and fun, and enjoy the time with your child.