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Nourish Yourself

Canyon Ranch: Nourish book coverThere is no activity that will make you feel as Cro-Magnon as a trip to the grocery store before a blizzard. Your hunter-gatherer instincts are heightened as you search the depleted aisles for water, eggs, bread, milk, frozen pizza and refrigerated cookie dough. Throughout your hunt, you dodge people who either wield their shopping carts like battering rams or cluelessly block your way as they stare gape-mouthed into space.
If you're like me, you took your spoils home, hunkered down, and went a little overboard with eating less-than-healthy fare. (After all, what is a snow day without chocolate chip cookies? What are several snow days without chocolate chip cookies!?!) Now that life in general is getting back to normal, it's also time to get back on track with healthy living.
There are a number of books that feature healthy cooking, but one in particular stands out for me, with its creativity and successful track record for good foods that are also tasty. Canyon Ranch: Nourish: Indulgently Healthy Cuisine is the latest cookbook from the renowned Canyon Ranch destination spa. Nourish uses fresh ingredients, stays away from anything artificial, and gives nutritional information for each recipe. Even if you don't care about those things, trust that you will get lots of satisfying flavor while doing your body a favor.
One of the most-viewed stories for The New York Times online last year was an article titled "The 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating." It's a great coincidence that Nourish features a number of those foods. For some cabbage, which is believed to boost cancer-fighting enzymes, try the Southwest Green Cabbage Salad (page 102) with lime juice and cilantro--nice on its own or in a grilled fish taco. Cinnamon, which may help to control blood sugar and cholesterol, is featured in Cinnamon-apple Crusted Oatmeal (page 70). Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants, and could lower your blood pressure; try the Pomegranate Couscous (page 112) or Pomegranate Pear Quesadilla with Brie (page 303). Blueberries, which are potentially memory-boosting, are combined with mangoes in a salsa to go over seared salmon (page 219).
Plus, it doesn't hurt that Nourish also features Canyon Ranch's self-proclaimed "legendary" Chocolate Chip Cookies (page 313). I'll keep this recipe on standby for any future storms that may come our way.

Canyon Ranch: Nourish: Indulgently Health Cuisine
by Scott Uehlein and Canyon Ranch
641.5636 U22

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