Samuel Hay Kauffmann (1829-1906) Family Photographs, 1844-1916

Samuel Hay Kauffmann (1829-1906) Family Photographs, 1844-1916

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Collection No. P1  (1 Linear Foot, 80 photographs)
D.C. Community Archives

Biographical Information

Samuel Hay Kauffmann was born in Wayne County, Ohio on April 30, 1829. Early on he learned the printing trade and became an editor and publisher in Zanesville, Ohio. In 1861, he was appointed to a position in the United States Treasury under Secretary Salmon P. Chase. 

He purchased an interest in the Washington Evening Star (Washington, D.C.) in 1867 and was elected its president in 1868.  He was president of the newspaper from 1868-1879 and again from 1886 until his death in February 1906.
Samuel and his wife, Sarah, had at least three children, Rudolph, Louise and Victor. Louise married Dr. John Crayke Simpson in 1905 and continued to live in Washington, D.C. until her death in 1930. Rudolph worked for The Star, married and had a family. Victor also worked for The Star as an editor, and with his wife Jessie (Christopher) had two sons, Philip Christopher Kauffmann and Samuel Hay Kauffmann. They, in turn, grew up to work for The Star

The S.H. Kauffmann family traveled widely and was active in Washington, D.C. society.

Scope and Content

Approximately 80 photographs ca. 1840-1916 of Samuel Hay Kauffmann (April 30, 1829-February 1906), his daughter, Louise Kauffmann Simpson (May 31, 1869-March 9, 1930), his son, Victor Kauffmann, Victor’s wife, Jessie Christopher Kauffmann, and their children, Philip Christopher Kauffmann and Samuel Hay Kauffmann.

The collection is mostly portrait photographs, including a daguerreotype, tintypes, albumen cartes-de-visite and cabinet cards, gelatin silver developing out paper, and platinum prints. Of note: a tintype Union Case, a Brady carte-de-visite, Japanese albumen photographic prints with hand coloring, and a hand-written will by S.H. Kauffmann to his wife, Sarah F. Kauffmann (signed November, 1878).

Processing Procedures

Processing procedures consisted of identifying the photographic processes and images, then arranging and housing the photographs. Names and dates had previously been recorded on some of the prints. The dates were not always found to be reliable (see envelope-level descriptions for dates). 

Photographs were housed in preservation-quality paper envelopes and polyester sleeves. Support paper was placed behind brittle photographs before sleaving. Cases were made from folder paper for the S.H. Kauffmann daguerreotype and tintype.

Preservation copying of the Union Case patent information was performed by temporarily removing the tintype; copy is enclosed in the Case.


Items were arranged into the following four series; they were arranged chronologically within each series:  
  1. S.H. Kauffmann
  2. Louise Kauffmann Simpson
  3. Victor Kauffmann
  4. Related Photographs and Papers.

Series I: S.H. Kauffmann portraits, 35 items (ca. 1844-1905)

Item Envelope
Daguerreotype, uncased, ca. 1844-1849.
(Glass deteriorating - store glass side down)
Tintype in Union Case, ca. 1855.
(Photocopy of Union Case patent info enclosed)
Gelatin silver developing out paper print copy of tintype
(See also SHK2) 
Cartes-de-visite (4), albumen, ca. 1862-1865.
Photographers: Ulke, Brady
(Note: c.d.v. by Brady has photocopy of caricature of S.H.K. on verso.)
Cartes-de-visite (5), albumen, ca. 1870-1874.
Photographer: Goldier (sp?)
Cartes-de-visite (4), albumen, ca. 1876. 
Photographer: M.P. Simons
Cabinet cards (4), albumen, ca. 1876-early 1880s.
Photographers: Reichmann, Rice
Cabinet cards (4), albumen, ca. early 1880s. 
Photographer: Rice
Cartes-de-visite (4), albumen, ca. 1893.
Photographer: Charles Parker  
Cabinet card, albumen, ca. 1893.
Photographer: Charles Parker
Albumen photo of bas relief profile, ca. 1890s. SHK11
Cabinet card, platinum, ca. 1900-1905. SHK12
Platinum print, ca. 1900-1905 (brittle paper)  SHK13
Platinum print, ca. 1900-1905 (torn paper, no mount) SKH14
Platinum print from same negative as SHK9, image ca. 1893, print ca. 1900-1905. SHK15
Platinum print from same sitting as SHK9, image ca. 1893, print ca. 1900-1905. SHK1

Series II:  Louise Kauffmann Simpson portraits, 35 items (ca. 1870-1908)

Item Envelope
Cartes-de-visite (7), albumen, ca. 1870-1876.
Photographers: R. Reichmann, Gardner
Cabinet cards (4), albumen, ca. 1872.
Photographer: R.W. Addis
Cabinet card, albumen, Western studio scene, ca. 1875.
Photographer: Morse (San Francisco)
Cabinet cards (3), albumen, ca. 1876.
Photographer: R. Reichmann
Tintype in paper mat, with Mary Chambers, ca. 1876.
Photographer: Johnson’s National Gallery
Cabinet cards (3), albumen, ca. 1877.
Photographer: Rice
Cabinet cards (3), albumen, ca. 1880-1889. 
Photographers: Rice, Prince
Cabinet card with trimmed print with Alma Johnson, albumen, ca. 1889.
Photographers: Marceau (S.F.,CA), Jacoby (Minn., MN)
Interior of Washington Cottage, Nantucket, Mass., albumen, ca. 1883, broken card mount.
Photographer: J. Freeman
Cabinet cards (2), albumen, ca. 1890.
Photographer: C.M. Gilbert
Cabinet cards (2 - dup.), albumen, ca. 1890. 
Photographer: C.M. Gilbert
Cabinet cards (2 - dup.), albumen, ca. 1893, one with broken
card mount, Photographer: C.M. Gilbert
Japanese studio print, albumen cabinet card with hand-applied 
color, ca. 1894. Photographer: A. Farsari (Yokohama, Japan)
Duplicate of LKS13 LKS14
Japanese studio print, albumen cabinet card with hand-applied
color, ca. 1894, with Miranda Noyes. Photographer: A. Farsari
(Yokohama, Japan)
Gelatin silver developing out paper, copy photo ca. 1900, image ca. 1890 LKS16
Portrait, platinum print, ca. 1908, print surface damaged - silverfish? LKS1

Series III:  Victor Kauffmann Photographs, 4 items (ca. 1870-1889)

Item     Envelope
Cartes-de-visite, albumen, with Mary Downey (Irish servant), ca. 1870
Photographer: Goldier (sp.?)
Cabinet card, albumen, ca. 1886 
Photographer: Geo. Prince
Cabinet card, albumen, ca. 1889
Photographer: Pach Bros. (NY)
Cartes-de-visite, albumen, with Louise Kauffmann, ca. 1889
Photographer: Rice

SERIES IV:  Related Photographs and Papers, 6 items (ca. 1800s – 1916)

Item           Envelope
Pencil and watercolor caricature of S.H. Kauffmann at easel, ca. late 1880s.  Misc1
Handwritten, signed will from S.H. Kauffmann to wife. Dated Nov. 23, 1878. Misc2
Philip Christopher Kauffmann (son of Victor and Jessie Christopher Kauffmann; grandson of S.H. Kauffmann), platinum print, ca. 1901.
(fragile, torn)
Samuel Hay Kauffmann (son of Victor and Jessie Christopher Kauffmann; grandson of S.H. Kauffmann), platinum print, ca. 1901.
(extremely fragile, separated into pieces)
Jessie Christopher Kauffmann with sons, Philip Christopher Kauffmann and Samuel Hay Kauffmann, gelatin printing out paper (?), ca. 1916. Misc5
Portrait of unidentified early 19th century man with white hair, possibly painted photograph of original painting or painted paper mounted on board.

Prepared by Susan G. Anderson, October 1998

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