Washington, DC and Metropolitan Area Photographs from Nation’s Business Photographic Archives, c. 1910-1981

Washington, DC and Metropolitan Area Photographs from Nation’s Business Photographic Archives, c. 1910-1981

Finding Aid

Collection No. P6 
D.C. Community Archives


Photographs in this collection are images of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area  (D.C., Maryland and Virginia suburbs) from the photo morgue of Nation’s Business, a publication of the United States Chamber of Commerce. The remainder of the collection is unprocessed.

The complete photo morgue was donated in 1993 by Frances Borchardt of Nation’s Business and accepted by Mary Ternes on behalf of Washingtoniana. The materials are copies of original photos housed at the Hagley Museum in Wilmington, Del. There were transparencies with the collection; however, these materials were not duplicated because of their need for conservation. They are housed with the remainder of the original photographs at the Hagley Museum.

Scope and Content Note

The collection provides important visual documentation of the District’s well-known federal and commercial architecture, scenes from the Kennedy and Truman administrations, and other representative historic images from events and life in Washington, D.C. from the 1920s to the 1980s. 

Included in the collection are a unique selection of candid photographs:
  • depicting 1920s passengers embarking on and disembarking from Washington, D.C.-located streetcars (Box P6/2 – Streetcars);
  • superbly detailed 8” x 10” color transparencies taken during the Harry S. Truman administration by renowned Washington, D.C. architectural photographer Theodor Horydczak, of various government and public building (interiors and exteriors) such as the White House and Union Station (Box P6/4);
  • historic images taken by photographers Robert Phillips and Jacques Lowe during the first six months of President John F. Kennedy’s administration (Box P6/4 – White House) (see Appendix). 
The collection consists of 333 black-and-white gelatin silver prints arranged alphabetically into 41 subject headings with dates.  Headings are for the most part of building names (Union Station), types (Gasoline Stations), subjects (Pedestrians), locations (Glen Echo, Md.), or specific events (U.S. Chamber of Commerce-Meetings-1951) (see Subject Heading Index in Appendix).  

The majority of the photographic images are by contract photographers (see Restrictions).  Many photographs have hand-written notations indicating when the image was published (i.e. “used July ’52, p. 58”). This information would assist the researcher in finding additional information about the image(s) from the microfilm or originals of the published newspaper. 

Biographical Information

Nation’s Business was a periodical published monthly by the United States Chamber of Commerce, today located at 1615 H St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20062-2000 (phone 202-659-6000). Volume 1, No. 1 premiered on Sept. 2, 1912 with the creed to “set forth periodically affirmative information and thought regarding our progress as a nation” (see Appendix).  Publication ceased in June of 1999 with Vol. 87, No. 6 when publisher Robert J. Perkins declared “the U.S. Chamber is moving full speed into the age of the Internet, expanding its online services and exploring new communication vehicles.” www.uschamber.com (see Appendix). 

Processing Procedures

Robert A. Truax, a Washingtoniana volunteer, separated the Washington, D.C. and metropolitan-area photographs from the larger Nation’s Business collection. Most photographs are labeled on the reverse with various original subject headings. Some subject headings were maintained because of their specificity (i.e. “War on Poverty”) while others were created to organize the materials for easier access (i.e. an image of a mail man originally filed under “Character Studies-Men & Group Workers” is now found under “Post Office”). Specific dates or range of dates were added to each subject heading to further aid in identification and access. 
The collection consists primarily of 8” x 10” black-and-white gelatin silver prints. A small fraction of color print material is also included. 

A unique portion of the collection consisted of 8” x 10” color transparencies, which were housed in original, deteriorating cellophane sleeves. The sealed sleeves were shrinking and in the process were depositing an adhesive residue from the sealed sides onto the transparencies. All transparencies were re-housed in Mylar sleeves and adhesive was removed using Ethol’s Anti-Static Film Cleaner and cotton balls.

Related Collections

The Periodical Reading Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library houses the complete 87-year run of Nation’s Business on microfilm.
Washingtoniana's D.C. Community Archives houses the Theodore Horydczak Photograph Collection, P5. For an online exhibit of Horydczak’s work, see “Washington As It Was: Photographs by Theodor Horydczak, 1923–1959” at the Library of Congress.
It should be noted that the materials in this collection are copies of original prints housed at the Hagley Museum in Wilmington, Del.  


Reproduction of material from this collection is provided as a service to our patrons. Washingtoniana of DC Public Library does not have the reproduction rights or any additional photographer information available to determine copyright status. It is therefore the user’s responsibility where appropriate to determine the copyright status and to obtain appropriate permission to reproduce.

Any use of photographs from this collection must include the following credit line: Washingtoniana, DC Public Library. Photographs in this collection were taken by a wide variety of news photo agencies, government agencies, as well as freelance photographers.  Photographers’ credits found in this collection include:
  • Acme Newspictures Inc., 401 8th Ave., New York, NY
  • Air Force Photo
  • Berg, Jean, Washington, D.C.
  • Blackman, Barry
  • Brack, Dennis, Black Star
  • Brown Bros., 1482 Broadway corner 43rd Street, New York City
  • Bureau of Standard
  • Burwell, John (Photography), 1120 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., 20036, 202-337-8070
  • CAA Aviation Information
  • Cameraman Inc., Victor Building, 724 9th St. NW, Washington 1 D.C., ME8-3344
  • Capitol and Global Photographers, 2653 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20008, 202-232-5600
  • Clark, Tom, 5111 Wissioming Road NW, Washington, D.C., 20016
  • Clinedinst (from L.C. Handy Studios)
  • Defense Dept. Photo (Marine Corps.)
  • Dept. of Transportation
  • Dunlop, James R. (Inc.), 932 D St. NW, Washington, D.C.
  • Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc., Long Island City 1, N.Y., Stillwell 4-4030
  • Freeman, Roland, Washington, D.C.
  • Galloway, Ewing, New York
  • Gendreau, Philip D., New York
  • Harris & Ewing, Washington, D.C.
  • H.H. Rideout, Washington, D.C.
  • Horydczak, Theodor, 4820 W. St. NW, Washington 7 D.C., Emerson 4733
  • Library of Congress
  • Lohr, George (Studios), Washington, D.C.
  • Lowe, Jacques, 67 Perry, New York, NY
  • Maroon, Fred J., 1216 Connecticut Ave. Washington 6DC, ME8-5227
  • Merkle Press, 810 Rhode Island Ave. NE, Washington 18DC
  • Miller, Henry (News Pictures Service), 519 13th St. NW, Washington, D.C.
  • National Capital Region-National Park Service
  • National Photo
  • New York Times
  • Okamoto, Yoichi R., 5602 Roosevelt St. Bethesda, Md., 20034, 301-530-1880
  • Payne, John Howard, 1221 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.
  • Phillips, Robert, Washington, D.C.
  • Publishers Photo Service
  • Ransdell Inc., 810 Rhode Island Ave. NE, Washington 18D.C.
  • Reni Newsphotos, Inc., 1319 F St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20004, 202-ME8-2200
  • Roberts, Martha McMillan
  • Schutz, 1405 F St. and 1516 H St. NW, Washington, D.C.
  • Tames, George
  • Thomas, Gene (Acme Newspictures), Washington, D.C.
  • Underwood & Underwood Studios, 1230 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.
  • U.S. Army Signal Corps
  • U.S. Bureau of Public Roads
  • U.S. Weather Bureau
  • Veterans Administration Photo
  • Washington Post
  • Westinghouse Photo
  • White Motor Company, Cleveland, Ohio

Box Inventory

Box P6/1 (A-P)

  • Andrews Air Force Base - Military Air Transport Service - 1952/May, 1956 (10 photographs)
  • Aerial view Military Air Transport Service (MATS) headquarters, MATS planes being loaded on airfield, MATS planes in flight, MATS “Air Hostesses” both on ground and aboard planes with (infirmed) military personnel.
  • Automobile – 1910-12/April 1956 (4 photographs)
  • Photograph of a 1910 or 1912 District of Columbia automobile license plate and speeding automobiles in 25 mph zone as dictated by U.S. Park Police sign (location unknown).
  • Aviation - 1903/1927/ca. 1950s (3 photographs)
  • "Full-size man carrying Langley machine on houseboat opposite Widewater, Va. just before its trial on Oct. 7, 1903.”
  • Lindbergh reception crowd, 1927.
  • “Doughnut lights make seadromes out of harbors,” Anacostia River, Va.
  • Bureau of Standards - 1923 to 1925 (23 photographs)
  • Aerial, exterior and interior photographs of Bureau of Standards buildings at original Connecticut Avenue location in Washington, D.C.
  •  Federal Buildings - Interiors/Exteriors - 1920 to 1970 (15 photographs)
  •  General Noble Redwood Tree House (Dept. of Agriculture), 1893-1932.
  •  Dept. of Justice (exterior, pre-Federal Triangle location, 1920s).
  •  Dept. of Interior (exterior), 1920s-30s.
  •  Longworth House Office Building (exterior), 1920s.
  •  House Cloakroom, 1930s.
  •  Congressional Committee, 1953.
  •  Federal Reserve (exterior), no date.
  •  Naval Observatory (exterior), Massachusetts Avenue, no date.
  •  Library of Congress, Brenda Wesner, Congressional Research Service Researcher, used May 1978, p. 53.    
  •  Federal Trade Commission members, June 1963, used August 1963, p. 33.
  •  Rayburn House Office Building (interior), used October 1967.
  •  L’Enfant Plaza
  •  Gasoline Stations - 1920 to 1930 (6 photographs)
  •  Silver Spring, Colesville Road (1932 appears on Maryland license plate).
  •  6th Street, Washington, D.C., 1920s.
  •  Unidentified location (vehicle has 1920 District of Columbia license plate).
  •  Georgetown – c. 1920s to 1966 (5 photographs)
  •  M Street at Key Bridge, 1920s.
  •  “Old Key Mansion on Potomac River” (painting).
  •  Vice President Hubert Humphrey addressing group Georgetown University, May 5, 1966.
  •  Glen Echo, Md. - Amusement Park - 1943 (2 photographs)
  •  Library of Congress copy photos depicting April 1943 line waiting to ride roller coaster (Credit: Esther Bubley) and Summer 1943 patrons on ride (Credit: J. A. Horne).
  •  Hotels – c. 1920s to 1970s (4 photographs)
  •  Congress Hall Hotel, Potomac Hotel, George Washington Hotel (all in one image).
  •  Willard Hotel kitchen.
  •  Mayflower Hotel painting of the Mayflower (signed “James G. Tyler 1925.”)
  •  Sheraton Park (exterior) Winter scene.
  •  Individuals – 1917 to 1967 (9 photographs)
  •  “Magazine Boy” posing on building rooftop with Saturday Evening Post/Country Gentleman bag over shoulder, June 1917.
  •  Circus performers inside tent having meal (credit: Underwood & Underwood, Washington).
  •  Two Western Union delivery boys with telegrams for senators and congressmen.
  •  Man and woman posing in front of house, used August 1957, p. 26 (credit: George Lohr Washington).
  •  Parents with child in convertible at a Hot Shoppe having milkshakes at night, used March 1958, p. 22 (credit: Fred J. Maroon Washington).
  • Ted Kennedy wearing tie-less tux and monogrammed (!) shoes flanked by front end of Datsun automobile and partial view of blonde woman wearing above-the-knee skirt with see-thru holes and metal rings-design at hem line, used July 1967, p. 59 (credit: Women’s Wear Daily Photo).       
  • Lincoln Memorial -1970s (9-35mm slides, 1 4”x5” transparency)
  • Interior of Lincoln statue, exterior dusk/night views, double-exposure of exterior with American flag.
  • Military - 1940 to 1970 (5 photographs)
  • Munitions Building, 1940.
  • Emergency Defense Housing, 1941.
  • Army Sale of Trucks, Ft. Meyer, Va., used December 1944, p. 22.
  • Military Training, used May 1953, p. 42 (shoulder patches on men read “ROKA”).
  • Marine Barracks, 1970.
  • Movie Theater - 1926  (4 photographs)
  • Interiors of Fox movie theater, 1328 F St. NW, Washington, D.C. Opened 1926, re-named “Capitol” in 1936, gutted 1963 (today exterior shell houses the Shops at National Place and offices).
  • National Airport – 1940 to 1970 (7 photographs)
  • Exterior day/night views of main terminal, interior of restaurant.
  • Non-Federal Buildings – 1950 to 1970 (7 photographs)
  • Machinists Building (exterior).
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters (exterior).
  • British Embassy (exterior).
  • Islamic Mosque (exterior).
  • Pan-American Union Building (interior).
  • Railroad Retirement Building cafeteria.
  • Constitution Hall (exterior).
  • Pedestrians – c. 1920 to 1968 (10 photographs)
  • “…part of employees leaving Veterans Bureau at 4:30 pm,” c. 1920s.
  • Pedestrians outside Washington Hotel, corner of Pennsylvania Avenue & 15th St. NW, c. 1920s, used March 1943, p. 24.
  • Pedestrians with streetcar, unknown location, c. 1920s.
  • Pedestrians on Pennsylvania Avenue NW August/September 1953, one used August 1953, p. 30.
  • Pedestrians getting on bus, unknown location, August 1967.
  • Pedestrians on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, October 1968.
  • Pennsylvania Avenue – 1911 to 1951 (3 photographs)
  • Pennsylvania Avenue from Treasury Dept., 1911.
  • Hurley-Wright Building, 18th & Pennsylvania Avenue, headquarters Bureau of Lighthouses, 1925.
  • Two Washington Guide company guides on Pennsylvania Avenue across from White House, April 1951.
  • Police (D.C. and Military) – 1951 (15 photographs)
  • DC Police Precinct Station next to DC Fire Dept. Engine Co. #3 (439 New Jersey Ave. NW) being demolished, 1951.
  • DC Police leaving Precinct Station #2, with patrol wagon, inside/outside cruiser, helping pedestrians across street, placing call from police call box, demolished building site, most used February 1951, p. 40, 41.
  • Group of Army, Navy, Air and Marine Police outside the Armed Services Police Detachment Headquarters.
  • Post Office – c. 1910 to 1920 (4 photographs)
  • “Loading plane with first air mail from Washington to New York,” used September 1943, p. 82. Posed shot of mailman loaded down with mail, packages, newspapers.
  • Little boy lifting little girl so she can place letter into mailbox mounted on concrete post.   
  • Interior of massive 48-star U.S. flag inside today’s Old Post Office Pavilion on Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Public Welfare – 1969 (10 photographs)
  • Mrs. Thelma Robinson at home and work as participant in Work Incentive Program, used October 1969, pp. 38-39.

Box P6/2 (S-W)

  • Slums – c. 1940s (2 photographs)
  • “Washington is noted for its fine parks, but its slums also rate with the worst,” used August 1946, p. 42.
  • Sports – 1975 (2 photographs)
  • Interior view of Capital Bullets basketball game at Capital Centre, May 11, 1975.
  • Portrait owner Abe Pollin.
  • State, War & Navy Building – c. 1913 to 1919 (4 photographs)
  • Interiors of employees in State, War & Navy Building from National Archives & Records Administration photo holdings.
  • Stores – c. 1920s (4 photographs)
  • Woodward & Lothrup (exterior).
  • Palais Royal delivery trucks.
  • Grocery store (unidentified interior).
  • Delivering goods to unidentified store (U.S. Capitol dome in background).
  • Streetcars – c. 1920s & 1953 (24 photographs)
  • “Remains of a sedan struck by a street car in this city,’ c. 1920s.
  • Busses and streetcars with pedestrians on Constitution Avenue, NW; 14th Street NW; Pennsylvania Avenue NW; F Street NW; Connecticut Avenue NW; other unidentified locations, c. 1920s.
  • Streetcar on unidentified street, 1953.
  • Strikes – 1971 (4 photographs)
  • National Education Association (exterior), picket participants, one image used August 1971, p. 27.
  • Union Station – c. 1920s to 1981 (18 photographs, 2  2¼ contact sheets with negatives)
  • Exterior, c. 1920s.
  • Exterior, c. 1940s.
  • Exterior, 1952.
  • Contact sheets with accompanying negatives of taxi cab-area at west-end of station (credit: George Lohr), 1952.
  • Individuals using Union Station lockers, one photograph used July 1952, p. 58.
  • Interior, main waiting room, used March 1958, p. 72.
  • Painting of west-end taxi cab-area.
  • Aerials of front, side & back of Union Station, 1981.
  • Union Workers – 1956 (7 photographs)
  • AFL-CIO building trade officials attending legislative conference in Washington, D.C., March 1956.
  • Union Workers – 1967 to 1968 (5 photographs)
  • Testimony given before Senate subcommittee, used March 1967, p. 22.
  • Testimony given before House subcommittee, used June 1967, p. 30.
  • AFL-CIO United Federation of Postal Clerks legislative conference, used March 1968, p. 2.
  • Testimony given before Senate subcommittee, used August 1968, p. 3
  • Testimony given before House subcommittee, used August 1968, p. 20.
  • United States Capitol – c. 1930s to 1980  (15 photographs-some color, 11 35 mm slides)
  • Real-photo business card featuring dome of U.S. Capitol for “Richard Carlyle Ball 1517 H St. NW National 3868,” c. 1930s.
  • Ad featuring dome of U.S. Capitol for American Red Cross, c. 1930s.
  • Misc. views of exterior of U.S. Capitol; details of dome only; vantages from Pennsylvania Avenue and Washington Monument; nighttime views; fantasy melding of Capitol Building sitting in field; and 1981 Ronald Reagan inauguration. Slides of double-exposure of dome with U.S. flag.
  • United States Chamber of Commerce – 1951 (4 photographs)
  • Assembled crowd views of participants of April 30 – May 2, 1951 U.S. Chamber of Commerce meeting.
  • United States Supreme Court (3 photographs)
  • Exteriors
  • Virginia – c. 1930s – 1973 (7 photographs)
  • “Template on Lee Boulevard, Fort Meyer, Virginia,” c. 1930s.
  • “Subgrade machine on Lee Boulevard, Fort Meyer, Virginia,” c. 1930s.
  • “Bud Mayer, Fairlington, Arlington, Va., checks out stock for his ‘Frostmobile,’ mobile frozen food store, as his driver-salesman, Gene Mann (left) assists,” used October 1946, p. 106.
  • Mt. Vernon (exterior), c. 1930s.
  • Mt. Vernon (exterior) with guard, used October 1973, p. 56.
  • Mobil Corp. Headquarters, Fairfax City, Va.
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center – 1951 (8 2¼ contact sheets with 12 enlargements from same)
  • Interiors with patients; patients outside on grounds; patients attending a musical performance; medical doctors with equipment; surgeons in operating room. Some photographs used June 1951, pp. 34-36; November 1955, p. 46; November 1959, p. 66 (credit: George Lohr).
  • War College – Ft. McNair - c. 1920s (4 photographs)
  • War College as seen from across Washington Channel at Haines Point; exterior close-up of War College; statue of Frederick the Great in front of War College.
  • War College – Ft. McNair - 1955 (39 photographs)
  • See Box 3 description.
  • War on Poverty – 1966 (2 photographs)
  • Individuals boarding “Friendship House Washington, D.C.” bus with paper sign attached to bus reading “Free Ride Here Bus Boycott Ride-In Station.” Photo taken in the vicinity of Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue, NE (Shrimp Boat Restaurant appears in background of one photo.) (credit Dennis Brack – Black Star).
  • Washington Monument – c. 1920s to 1950s (2 – B&W 4x5 negs. And 4 photographs)
  • Negative #1 depicts Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol with fireworks burst; negative #2 Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol with U.S. flag on pole in foreground (possible flagpole from Iwo Jima Memorial).
  • Two exterior views of monument; one of pre-Jefferson Memorial Tidal Basin from top of monument; monument in background as viewed from parking lot of U.S. Dept. of Commerce buildings in Federal Triangle.
  • Waterways – c. 1920s (4 photographs)
  • Two images of mules pulling canal boat.
  • Automobile loaded onto flat boat at White’s Ferry near Leesburg, Va.
  • White House – c. 1920 to 1956 (1 4x5 color transparency, 6 photographs, 1 drawing)
  • Color transparency view of White House and surrounding area taken from Washington Monument in July of 1956. Transparency envelope addressed to Mr. George Kalec, 3929 14th St. N.W., Washington, D.C..
  • Three c. 1920s exterior of White House depicting construction on North Portico (horse and cart in view); laundry hanging out to dry outside of South Portico; side view of South Portico looking west with gold fish pond in foreground.
  • One exterior view of South Portico (pre-Truman balcony) and sketched tracing taken from same. Copy photos of two separate art works used for April 1951 and April 1, 1953 Nation’s Business covers. The 1951 artwork depicts students of Wichita High North Class of ’51 posing in front of north side of White House; 1953 art works depicts idealized aerial view of White House and Lafayette Park with park’s surrounding neighbors (including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce).
  • White House – Staff – 1961 (22 photographs)
  • Three exterior White House views of Marine helicopter arriving on South Lawn of White House; President Kennedy accompanying visiting unidentified dignitary on South Lawn; motorcade procession (used November 1964, p. 34). All photos credited New York Times.
  • Five candid photographs taken by Robert Phillips (Washington, D.C.) during the first six months of President John F. Kennedy’s administration. Used June 1961, pages 63-74 (see Appendix). All interior office photos. Those identified include:
    • Desautels, Claude
    • Dungan, Ralph (Staffer)
    • Dutton, Fred (Policy Coordinator)
    • Feldman, Myer (Assistant)
    • Goodwin, Richard N. (Assistant
    • Manatos, Mike
    • O’Brien, Lawrence (Patronage & Congressional Liaison Aide)
    • Ostrow, Lenore (Secretary)
    • Salinger, Pierre (Press Secretary)
    • Sorensen, Theodore (Special Counsel)
    • Thomas, Helen (UPI)
    • White, Lee C. (Assistant)
    • Wilson, Henry
  • Nine candid photographs taken by Robert Phillips (Washington, D.C.) during the first six months of President John F. Kennedy’s administration. Not published. All interior office photos. Individuals not identified but some identities could be determined based on other photographs in category.
  • Six candid photographs taken by Jacques Lowe (New York, N.Y.) during the first six months of President John F. Kennedy’s administration. Two used June 1961, p. 68 (see Appendix).  All interior office photos. Those identified include:
    • O’Donnell, P. Kenneth (Appointment Scheduler)
    • Wiesner, Jerome B. (Science Adviser)
  • Two 8 ½ x 11 typed sheets are included, one reading “Mickey: Please contact these and send over to Mr. Paterson at Nations Business. Thank you. Hold negatives for printing.”  The other is apparently the descriptive log of the aforementioned contact sheets, listing 7 rolls of film and a brief description of who appears in individual frames.

Box P6/3

  • War College – Ft. McNair - 1955 (39 11” x 14” B&W photographs)
  • Collection of 10 photographs used April 1955, p. 28-54, depicting the Ft. McNair Officers Club luncheon with guest speaker Edmund Quillion, Policy Planning Staff, Dept. of State. Views depict preparations for meeting, individuals arriving, candid portraits, and aerial view Ft. McNair. Individuals depicted:
    • Bailey, Capt. Burl L., USN
    • Davis, John J., Commerce
    • Drake, Capt. Francis, USN
    • Krueger Jr., Col. Walter, USA
    • Mauser, Capt. John, USN
    • McLennan, Col. Donald Q., USA
    • Sheeringer, Col. Earl, USMC
    • Smith, Comdr, William, USN
    • Wetzel, Col. Manford, USAF
    • Williams, Maj. USAF
  • Collection of 29 additional photographs which were not published depicting same luncheon, additional exterior/interior views of Ft. McNair, as well as staff at work. Individuals depicted:
    • Carmichael, Comdr. John, USN
    • Frame, Col. Marshall, USA
    • Lemley, Col. Harry J., USA

Box P6/4 (Theodore Horydczak 8” x 10” Color Transparencies)

  • Federal Reserve (1 exterior)
  • Library of Congress (11 interior/1 exterior)
  • Lincoln Memorial ( 1 5’ x 7’ interior)


  • (2 interior - 1 of apothecary bottles, 1 of poinsettias with statue of Mary and Baby Jesus)
  • National Gallery of Art (7 interior/2 exterior)
  • Pan American Union (6 interior/2 exterior)
  • Smithsonian Castle (6 interior/1 exterior)
  • Union Station (1 exterior)
  • United States Capitol (7 interior/1 exterior)
  • White House (7 interior)

Prepared by Jerry A. McCoy, Intern
Catholic University of America, April 13, 2001

DC Public Library, Special Collections
D.C. Community Archives
901 G St. NW, Room 307
Washington, D.C.  20001

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