J. C. Wilfong Jr. Collection, 1963-1965

J. C. Wilfong Jr. Collection, 1963-1965

Finding Aid

Collection No. P10 
D.C. Community Archives


There is no deed of gift and it is uncertain as to how the library acquired these photographs 

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 32 3”x3” black-and-white photographs. There are no negatives with this collection. The images were taken between 1963-1965 and are of houses and businesses throughout the District of Columbia, many of which have been demolished.

Historic locations include the Belasco Theater, Edwin Stanton House, John Philip Sousa House, Heubich Mansion, and the Commandant’s House at the USMC Barracks. Notations on many of the photographs indicate the year the building was demolished or note that the Landmarks Commission “cited” the structure. It appears that the J. C. Wilfong photographs are of buildings in the district that were endangered of or scheduled for demolition.

Processing Procedures

Each image was placed in individual paper sleeves, intellectual information regarding the photograph was transferred onto the envelope, and the image was assigned a number. A general description of the image was added to the sleeve. The completed sleeves were then place in an archival box for storage in the D.C. Community Archives.


There are no restrictions on viewing this collection and all photographs are in the “public domain,” therefore there are no restrictions on reproduction. Reproductions should appear with the proper attribution indicating that the photograph is housed in the J. C. Wilfong Collection and indicate that they appear “courtesy of Washingtoniana, DC Public Library.”

Image List

  1. Heubich Mansion - 1307 New Hampshire Avenue
  2. House & Office - 918 10th St. NW
  3. House - 923 18th St. NW
  4. Restaurant/Bet Winder Building/Riggs Bank - 17th St. NW
  5. Winder Building - 604 17th St. NW
  6. House - 10th and O streets NW
  7. Watterson House - 224 2nd Street, SE
  8. Houses - 20th and H streets NW
  9. House - 9th and I streets SE
  10. Lutz Leather Goods Store - 1300 block G Street NW
  11. John Philip Sousa House - 600 block G Street SE
  12. Christ Church - 600 block G Street SE
  13. Houses - 700 block G Street SE
  14. Commandant’s House USMC Barracks - 800 block G Street SE
  15. Edwin Stanton Home - 458 C St. NW
  16. House - 2030 I St. NW
  17. House - 1925 F St. NW
  18. Arts Club - 2109 I St. NW
  19. Howe Mansion - 1821 H St. NW
  20. House and Laundry - 913 East Capitol St.
  21. Turkey Thicket - 1100 Michigan Ave. NE
  22. Gilman’s Drug Store - 627 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
  23. Buildings - 2109 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
  24. Buildings - 600 block Indiana Avenue
  25. House - 515 Massachusetts Ave. NW
  26. House - 700 block Virginia Avenue SE
  27. Belasco Theatre - 17 Madison Place NW
  28. Philadelphia Row - 100 Block 11th Street SE
  29. John Clagett Proctor Mausoleum - Rock Creek Cemetery
  30. Buildings (Eddie’s Dry Cleaning) - 1114-1116 8th St. SE
  31. House - 1003 New Jersey Ave. SE
  32. Houses - 911, 913 & 915 M St. SE
Prepared by Mark S. Greek, Photo Archivist, December 2005

DC Public Library, Special Collections
D.C. Community Archives
901 G St. NW, Room 307
Washington, D.C. 20001

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