Hambright & Hoachlander Photograph Collection, ca. 1987

Hambright & Hoachlander Photograph Collection, ca. 1987

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Collection No. P19
D.C. Community Archives


There is no deed of gift and it is uncertain as to how the library acquired these photographs. The box they were stored in was sent to David Maloney at Historic Preservation from the Quadrangle Development Corporation. There is no indication that either one of these organizations donated the images to the D.C. Community Archives and/or Washingtoniana.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 30 4"x5" black-and-white photographs each with a corresponding negative. Photographers Anice Hoachlander and Harlan Hambright in 1987 took these images to document buildings on 500 block of 9th St. and the 900 block of E St. in northwest Washington. These buildings were torn down to make way for a larger office building.

Processing Procedures

The images were removed from their original housing. Each image was assigned a number and placed in an individual polypropylene sleeve. The images were then placed in an acid-free folder and stored in an archival storage box. The box was then placed in the D.C. Community Archives for long-term storage. Negatives were assigned a number that directly corresponded to the print and placed in individual archival sleeves. Additionally, the collection name and some intellectual information was added to the sleeve. The negatives were then placed in an archival box and placed in the negative cabinet for long-term storage.


There are no restrictions on viewing this collection and all photographs are in the “public domain,” therefore there are no restrictions on reproduction. Reproductions should appear with the proper attribution indicating that the photograph is housed in the Hambright & Hoachlander Photograph Collection and indicate that they appear “courtesy of Washingtoniana, DC Public Library.”

Image List

  1. Exterior of 500 9th St. NW
  2. Exterior of 502 9th St. NW
  3. Interior view, staircase, 502 9th St. NW
  4. Interior view, third-floor front room (facing southeast), 502 9th St. NW
  5. Interior view, third-floor closet and Font room door, 502 9th St. NW
  6. Exterior of 504 9th St. NW
  7. Exterior of 506 9th St. NW
  8. Storefront of 506 9th St. NW
  9. Interior view, ground floor facing southwest, 506 9th St. NW
  10. Interior view, third-floor landing and stair, 506 9th St. NW
  11. Interior view third-floor front room (facing southwest), 506 9th St. NW
  12. Exterior of 508 9th St. NW
  13. Exterior (rear of building), 508 9th St. NW
  14. Exterior of 510 9th St. NW
  15. Exterior of 512 9th St. NW (Inter-Ocean building)
  16. Exterior (rear of building) 512-518 9th St. NW
  17. Exterior (rear of building) 514-518 9th St. NW
  18. Exterior of 514-518 9th St. NW
  19. Exterior of 514-518 9 St. NW
  20. Interior view, second floor facing street, 514 9th St. NW
  21. Interior view, second-floor front room (facing northwest), 514 9th St. NW
  22. Interior view, third-floor front room (facing street), 514 9th St. NW
  23. Interior view, top-floor front room (facing rear), 516 9th St. NW
  24. Interior view, tin ceiling and wallpaper in top-floor front room, 516 9th St. NW
  25. Interior view, gas light fixture top-floor hallway (facing front), 516 9th St. NW
  26. Exterior of 500 9th St. NW (E Street side)
  27. Exterior of 901 E St. NW
  28. Exterior of 903 E St. NW
  29. Exterior of 903 E St. NW
  30. Exterior (rear of building) 903 E St. NW
Prepared by Mark S. Greek, Photo Archivist, May 2006

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D.C. Community Archives
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Washington, D.C. 20001

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